Vendee Globe Report Users Guide

Starting 5 November off Les Sables d'Olonne in western France  and continuing around the world for 100 or so days will be the 4th  edition of the Vendee Globe. 

Unlike Around Alone, the other single  handed around the world race, the Vendee Globe is non-stop. Competitors  may not seek outside assistance unless at Les Sables d'Olonne. 

Despite the tough requirements the entry list is full. Both male and female sailors will sail Open 50 & 60 monohulls in the race. 24 sailors and boats  will attempt to join Titouan Lamazau, Alain  Gautier, and Christophe Augin as winners of this race.

Each day the Torresen Sailing Site produces a report on the Vendee Globe.  At the top of the page will be an advertisement.  These small ads are for products offered by the Torresen Sailing Site.  Torresen Sailing Site provides sailing information and sailing products globally via the Internet.  Please click on these ads to learn more about the products.  

Next is the Vendee Globe navigation area.  This yellow area features links to other information that the Torresen Sailing Site has on the Vendee Globe

The date is always found in bold type at the head of the report.   Below that is a sub heading, Rhythm of the Race giving a quick read on that days most significant development.

Standings are provided by Vitrual Spectator.

Next is the fleet round up section. In this section are reports on the fleets 24 yachts. Contained in these reports are things such as: the boats position in the fleet, distance from the leader, course, and speed.   

Then comes Skipper Communications excerpts from communications the sailors transmit while sailing.

Each day both the current weather conditions and the forecast are presented.

If you have a favorite boat, just scan the page for it's name in bold.   We do this to make finding new on your favorite easy.

The section entitled what does it all mean is my attempt in adding perspective and analysis to the developments and trends that are occurring.  In many cases, this is opinion and speculation about things that may or may not occur.  If you care to comment or disagree please do.  You can e-mail me at:

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