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Vendee Globe Report for 6 December 2000

Rhythm of the Race= Streaking across the Southern Ocean, pushing hard and at some point for someone too hard.

Standings table 

Top 3

1.  Aquitiane Innovations  45:2 South 4 :4 East
2.  PRB Michel Desjoyeaux 44:4 South 3:0 East + 95 miles 
3.  Sill Roland Jourdain 43:3 South 2:5 East +117 miles

Fleet round up section 

The top 3 boats have passed an important geographic landmark- the 0° meridian.  As shown above, they are now in South latitude and East longitude.

Sill in 3rd place shows the fleets top speed at 14.8 knots.  Such performance has seen Sill gain 44 miles on 1st place.  2nd place PRB has gained 17 miles.  Yves Parlier still has Aquitaine Innovations in 1st, despite these gains.

About a day behind is another group.  4th place Active Wear trails Sill by 201 miles.  3 miles back of Active Wear is Sobedo and then Kingfisher another 7 miles back.  This group will not always experience the same weather as the leaders, so making comparisons can be tricky.

A 90° wind shift has put these boats  under gennakers with true wind angles from 91 to 111 degrees.  This puts them less at risk for autopilot induced crash jybes.

Skipper Communications  

Ellen Macarthur Kingfisher "Fantastic record for Yves, having sailed with him on his boat I know that it is very powerful but for sure it means that he has a very well sorted autopilot programme - I doubt if even Yves could sit and steer for 24 hours. I think it is quite likely that his record will be beaten again and a number of boats will beat Christophe~Rs 24 hour run from the last Vendée - there is a very balanced call to have to make though because at the speeds needed to average 17.5 knots, when things go wrong, they really do go wrong in a very big way."

Javier Sanso Old Spice "I woke up this morning cold, so I~Rve put on for the first time in a long while my long johns, socks, shirt, oh and my boots."

Josh Hall EBP/Gartmore "I dropped the rolled sail to the deck, a large wave rolled the boat and it fell over the side into the ocean instead. This was bad news and ruined my night - 10 seconds for it to drop in the sea, then unrolling itself!, and 90 minutes with the boat stopped as I struggled to get it back aboard."

Michel Desjoyeaux PRB ". As for Yves~R record, I hope there are more opportunities in the Southern Ocean for smashing it again. But our trajectory isn~Rt really the best for this. I hope I can get up to 35 knots of speed at points - that would take ideal conditions though."

Bernard Gallay Voila Fr. "Despite being 40 degrees south, the water is at 12 degrees celsius, and inside just 8 degrees. It is going to decrese very quickly until we stabilize near the 46th degree south."

Marc Thiercelin Active Wear "419 miles - not bad! But the greater the speed the greater the risks too. A lot of things get worn down, which you don~Rt see; the sails, mast...and the next thing you know is the mast on your head."

Didier Munduteguy DDP 60e Sud "I am really in the race, I am just trying to sail correctly and go round the world. It~Rs my 27th day at sea, and so far all is well, I hope it will be like this all the time.~T

Patrice Carpentier VM materiaux ". For me the Vendee Globe is a personal voyage, an adventure... I have changed my way of sailing, my state of mind. I will push less on the boat, sail softer, sail my own course, a bit slower. My ~Rlittle yellow~R keeps the pace! "

Dominique Wavre UBP "I try to warm up by drinking my morning coffee"

Current weather conditions From NW winds yesterday to South by West winds today for the leaders.

Weather Forecast Should stay SW and then move NW as leaders hit next depression as they pass below Africa.

What does it all mean

Again the fleet talks of Parlier.  The undertone seems to be records yes, but eventually broken boats also.