Vendee Globe History

The Vendee Globe has been sailed 3 times.  Less than half that have started have finished (20/42).  

8 comeptitors return from the 96-97 race.  2 from the 92-93 race and only 1 from the inagural 1989-90 race.

This year there is a record field of 24 boats.  This is double the number of starters as the first race and 8 more than the last Vendee.  If form holds, 11 of the starters can expect to join the Vendee Globe finishers listed below.  The other 13 may not finish.

*= Entered in this years Vendee Globe

1989-90 Vendee
°1Titouan Lamazou 109 days 08h 49min 
2° Loïck Peyron 110 days 01h 48min 
3° J-Luc Van de Heede 112 days 01h 14min 
4° Philippe Jeantot 113 days 23h 47min 
5° Pierre Follenfant 114 days 21h 09min 
6° Alain Gautier 132 days 13h 01min 
7° J-François Coste 163 days 01h 19min 
Not Classed Patrice Carpentier Damage to the autopilots (Malouines) *
Not Classed Guy Bernardin Dental problems (Hobart) 
Not Classed Mike Plant Assistance (New Zealand) 
Abandon J-Yves Terlain Dismasted (Southeast of Cape Town) 
Abandon Philippe Poupon Capsized (South of Cape Town) 

Rankings 1992/93:

1° Alain Gautier 110 days 02h 22min. 
2° J-Luc Van de Heede 116 days 15h 01min. 
3° Philippe Poupon 117 days 03h 34min. 
4° Yves Parlier 125 days 02h 42min. *
5° Nandor Fa 128 days 16h 05min. 
6° José de Ugarte 134 days 05h 04min. 
7° J-Yves HASSELIN 153 days 05h 14min. 
Not Classed Bernard Gallay Damage to the autopilots (New Zealand) *
Abandon Vittorio Malingri Broken rudder 
Abandon Bertrand de Broc Damage to keel (New Zealand) 
Abandon Alan Wynne Thomas Broken ribs (Hobart) 
Abandon Loïck Peyron Hull structure (Les Sables) 
Abandon Thierry Arnaud Lack of preparation (Les Sables) 
Disappearance Nigel Burgess Drowned (Cape Finisterre) 

Rankings 1996/97:
1° Christophe Auguin 105 days 20h 31min. 
2° Marc Thiercelin 113 days 08h 26min. *
3° Hervé Laurent 114 days 16h 43min. 
4° Eric Dumont 116 days 16h 43min. *
5° Pete Goss 126 days 21h 25min. 
6° Catherine Chabaud 140 days 04h 38min. *
Not Classed Isabelle Autissier Broken rudder (Cape Town) 
Not Classed Yves Parlier Broken rudder (Perth) *
Abandon Patrick de Radigues Electricity (New Zealand) *
Abandon Bertrand de Broc Structural damage + capsize (Gascogne) 
Abandon Tony Bullimore Loss of keel (Southwest Australia) 
Abandon Thierry Dubois Capsized (Southwest Australia) *
Abandon Nandor Fa Collision + electricity (Southwest Australia) 
Abandon Didier Muntuteguy Dismasted + structural damage (Les Sables) *
Disappearance Gerry Roufs Pacific Ocean (66th day) 
Out of the race Raphaël Dinelli Capsized + boat sank (Southwest Australia) *