2000-2001 Vendee Globe Reports

Friday 10 November Group 4 Dismasted
Saturday 11 November Along the Coast
Sunday 12 November Big Breeze and Steep Seas
Monday 13 November Scooting downwind to the Canaries
Tuesday 14 November Parlier leads on his birthday
Wednesday 15 November 1st Withdrawal
Thursday 16 November PRB 1st @ the Canaries
Friday 17 November Chabaud and Wavre split
Saturday 18 November Leaders at Cape Verde
Sunday 19 November Stamm heads for Cape Verde
Monday 20 November In the Doldrums
Tuesday 21 November West looks best
Wednesday 22 November UBP Closes up
Friday 24 November Parlier first at the equator
Saturday 25 November 13 boats have crossed 'the line'
Sunday 26 November Parlier= Fantastic
Monday 27 November Parlier on their mind
Tuesday 28 November Leaders form a south sailing arrow
Wednesday 29 November Wavre and Gally fastest
Thursday 30 November Leaders turn east
Friday 1 December When to gybe?
Saturday 2 December Tactical Sailing
Sunday 3 December 4 boats @ 13 knots plus
Monday 4 December Arrival at the Roaring 40's
Tuesday 5 December New 24 hour record for Parlier
Wednesday 6 December Sill is fastest in fleet
Thursday 7 December 6 boat lead pack
Friday 8 December 1st iceberg spotted
Saturday 9 December Parlier's lead in trouble
Sunday 10 December New 24 hour record for Wavre
Monday 11 December Parlier moving again
Tuesday 12 December PRB lengthens her lead
Wednesday 13 December A Calm Southern Ocean
Thursday 14 December Problems for Sanso
Friday 15 December New ranks forming
Saturday 16 December Gains on the leader
Sunday 17 December Problems for Kingfisher
Monday 18 December Parlier Falls back
Tuesday 19 December Parlier dismasted
Wednesday 20 December Southern Ocean Match Race
Thursday 21 December Sanso heads for Australia
Friday 22 December Sill takes the lead
Wednesday 27 December Into the Pacific Ocean
Thursday 28 December PRB's record pace
Friday 29 December Calm stretch for PRB
Saturday 30 December Kingfisher catches up
Sunday 31 December The weather question
Monday 1 January 2001 Gains for PRB
Tuesday 2 January PRB has electrical problems
Wednesday 3 January Kingfisher takes 2nd
Thursday 4 January PRB's Figaro Race
Friday 5 January Active Wear not out of it yet
Saturday 6 January PRB- out
Sunday 7 January Could PRB's lead be permanant?
Monday 8 January Active Wear closing on 3rd
Tuesday 9 January The lead in perspective
Wednesday 10 January PRB nears Cape Horn
Thursday 11 January PRB doubles the Horn
Friday 12 January Active Wear in 3rd
Saturday 13 January Kingfisher 2nd to double Cape Horn
Sunday 14 January Sill makes repairs
Monday 15 January Coville joins Atlantic fleet
Tuesday 16 January High pressure slows PRB
Wednesday 17 January Aquitaine Innovations finishes repairs
Thursday 18 January Whirlpool rounds Cape Horn
Friday 19 January The cycle:  leader loses
Saturday 20 January Jury rigged AI faster than leader
Sunday 21 January PRB getting back up to speed
Monday 22 January PRB's lead under 100 miles
Tuesday 23 January Trade Winds begin
Wednesday 24 January Fleet pairs up
Thursday 25 January 8 precious miles
Friday 26 January Like a one design fleet
Saturday 27 January Full on around the clock solo racing
Sunday 28 January Close as top 2 cross equator
Monday 29 January Kingfisher takes the lead
Tuesday 30 January Leaders in the trades
Wednesday 31 January Tactical Options
Thursday 1 February Sill takes 3rd place
Friday 2 February Damage to Kingfisher
Saturday 3 February Another around Cape Horn
Sunday 4 February Crucial stretch ahead
Monday 5 February Light air for the leaders
Tuesday 6 February PRB in commanding lead
Wednesday 7 February ETA= Saturday
Th 8 February Sill in the Calms
Friday 9 February More Trouble for Kingfisher
Saturday 10 February PRB under 100 miles
Sunday 11 February Desjoyeaux/PRB Win!
Monday 12 February Kingfisher finishes 2nd
Tuesday 13 February New 24 hour record for Sill
Wednesday 14 February Jourdain fills podium
Thursday 15 February Active Wear will be next
Friday 16 February Slow Going
Saturday 17 February Active Wear struggles upwind
Sunday 18 February Another day for Thiercelin
Monday 19 February Hall's predicament
Tuesday 20 February Active Wear takes 4th