Sunfish Rigging Manual


Attach the mainsheet swivel block to the boat by removing the clevis ring and pin, placing the block over the deckstrap at the forward end of the cockpit, and replacing the pin and ring. To attach the traveler block, remove the ring, pin and sheave, Place the block around the wire bridle and reassemble, making sure not to lose the small brass bushing.


 Sunfish Rigging Manual
Table of Contents

 - Unpacking and Preparation
- Installing the bailer
 - Attaching the sail to the booms
 - Daggerboard assembly
 - Rigging
 - Rudder
 - Stepping the mast
 - Mainsheet
 - Raising the sail
 - Launching 
 - Unrigging
 - Sail care
 - Now you are ready to sail