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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 30 September 2000 Issue # 263

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

 Olympic Sailing Final Day 

The final day saw 3 sets of medals awarded.  In the three classes experience payed as many sailors added to their medal totals.


On the final day the Finn's sailed 2 races.  Great Britain's Ian Percy took care of business and was able to sit out the last race.  In the days first race Percy placed 14th, but also managed to harass his closest competitor Sweden's Fredrik Loof into 11th.  This sealed the Gold for Percy and he did not even have to race the final race.

Italy's Luca Devoti won the first race and was 6th in the final one to win the bronze.  That gave him a 1 point margin over the defending gold medallist Mateusz Kusznierewicz of Poland.

Percy's gold gave Great Britain a sweep of the single handed events.

Soling Match Race Finals

Denmark's Jesper Bank and team took the finals from Germany with the match going the full 7 races.  

The medal was decided on the final leg of the 7th race.  Germany was ahead, but carried a penalty.  They tried to lure Denmark into a penalty, but during this maneuver were given a 2nd penalty.

This gives Bank a 2nd Soling Gold Medal to go with one from 1992.

The Bronze medal match saw Norway beat the Netherlands 3 races to 1.

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Unofficial Team Standings

The following nations have sailors entered in all 11 classes: Australia, , Italy, New Zealand, Italy and the USA.  Sailing Daily will track the performance of these teams.

Final Standings
1.  Australia 646
2.  USA 687
3.  New Zealand 773
4.  Italy 923

Sailor of the Day
Each day Sailing Daily will note the Sailor or team with the lowest points for the Day.
On the final day the Canadian Star team of Mcdonald and Bjorn won their classes final race to total 1 point.

Team Philips

This morning was the first sail for the rebuilt catamaran. A dawn departure and a 0848 Pete Goss switches off the engines and says, "gentleman we are under sail."  First order was to calibrate electronics such as the Sat Com and performance instruments.  Greeted by 3-5 knot winds Team Philips was able to sail at 10 knots.  Crew Member Paul Larsen stated, "We have 2 hulls, 2 rigs and a double strength smile."



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Sydney 2000

Sailing Medal Count

Includes: Mistral Men and Women, 49er and Tornado, 470 Men and Women, Europe and Laser results
CTry G S B T
Great Britain 3 2   5
United States 1 2 1 4
Australia 2 1 1 4
Germanry   2 1 3
Argentina   1 2 3
Austria 2     2
Italy 1   1 2
Brazil   1 1 2
New Zealand     2 2
Denmark 1     1
Finland 1      
Sweden   1   1
Netherlands   1   1
Norway     1 1
Ukraine     1 1

A day for Multiple Medal Winners

Mark Reynolds 1988 Silver 1992 Gold 2000 Gold
Torben Grael Gold 1996 Silver 1984 Bronze 1988 & 2000
Ian Walker Silver 1996 & 2000
Jochen Schuemann Gold 1976, 1996, 1988 Silver 2000
Jesper Bank Gold 1992 & 2000 Bronze 1996


J 24 Worlds

Brad Read is the 2000 J 24 World Champion.  He ended the 8 race series with 25 points significantly ahead of Vasco Vascotto the defending champion (63 points).  Chris Snow was 3rd.


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 Today's Sailing News 

Olympic Sailing Final Day 

Look to Sailing Daily for an analysis of the Olympic regatta on Monday. 


Course: E

The USA finally won a Gold medal on the final day of sailing.  The Star team of Mark Reynolds and Magnus Liljerdahl moved from 3rd to 1st by 1 point in the final race.

They were one of 5 boats over the line early at the start.  They recrossed the line and finished the race 2nd.  Amongst the others over were the Brazilian team who did not exonerate themselves.

Great Britain's Walker and Covell finished the race 3rd and won the Silver.  

The Brazilian team which led going into the last race slipped to 3rd.  For skipper Torben Grael it was his 4th Olympic medal.







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