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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 26 September 2000 Issue # 260

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

 Olympic Sailing Day 10

Day 10 saw 5 classes race.  Conditions were challenging as rain squalls rolled through causing big wind shifts.

Weather: Light E/SE winds of 10 knots influenced by a weak low pressure system off Sydney are forecast for Day 11.


Course: C

Today was a decisive day for the women sailing Europe dinghies.  The chaos of wind shift caused by rain squalls helped scramble the results.

The days first race saw Canada (14th overall) Mexico (12th overall) and the Netherlands (5th) take the podium spots.  

The days second race saw Argentina, Czechoslovakia and Spain in the top 3.

After 8 races Serena Amato is now the leader.  Her finishes of 6th and 1st were the fleets best.  Britain's Shirley Robertson survived in good order with an 8th and a 9th.  She's only a point back of Amato.  3rd place is Spain with 45 and then Denmark with 49 points.

With 3 races remaining it looks like 4 dinghies remain in contention for 3 medals.


Course: C

Due to the shifty winds the Lasers sailed only a single race.

Again the shifty winds seemed to scramble the positions.  Italy, 7th overall was 1st, USA 2nd/17th overall and Croatia scored a 3rd, but still sits 20th.  

For American John Myrdal this was his second consecutive 2nd place finish.

For the leaders the results were not distinguished.  

Despite an 11th Great Britain's Ben Ainslie maintains a 14 point lead over Brazil's Robert Scheidt who was 21st.  Portugal's Gustavo Lima finished 12th and leads 4th place Michael Blackburn of Australia by 2 points.  Blackburn finishes 23rd which he discarded.

This class has 4 races remaining.  Besides the top 4 Gareth Blanckenberg of South Africa sits 5th with 3 top 10's in 4 races, and may be able to sail his way into the top 3.

Finn Singlehanded

Course D

Sailing again on Course D the Finn single handers completed 2 races.

The best day was by Luca Devoti of Italy.  His scores of 4th and 2nd pushed him into a tie for 4th with France.

None of the fleets top 3 had great days, but were consistent enough to retain their positions.  Leader Ian Percy of Britain was 5th and 8th.  Swede Fredrik Loof was 7th and 4th and is 5 points back.  Defending gold medallist Mateusz Kusznierewicz of Poland kept only one his results a 3rd.  He dropped from 2nd to 3rd.

American Russ Silvestri had an up and down day with a 2nd and a 16th.  He is 6th with 38 points.  With 5 races remaining he's not out of it yet.

Although the leaders are establishes, their positions are not.  



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Unofficial Team Standings

The following nations have sailors entered in all 11 classes: Australia, , Italy, New Zealand, Italy and the USA.  Sailing Daily will track the performance of these teams.

Day 10 Standings
1.  Australia 554
2.  New Zealand 621
3.  USA 626
4.  Italy 796

Sailor of the Day
Each day Sailing Daily will note the Sailor or team with the lowest points for the Day
Peter Bromby along with Lee White sailed their Star Boat to finishes of 4th and 1st.  This 5 point day moved them to 3rd in the Star Class.


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Sydney 2000

Sailing Medal Count

Includes: Mistral Men and Women, 49er and Tornado results
CTry G S B T
Austria 2     2
Germany   1 1 2
New Zealand     2 2
Finland 1      
Italy 1     1
Argentina   1   1
Great Britain   1    
Australia   1    
USA     1  



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 Today's Sailing News 

Olympic Sailing Day 10

Day 11 will see medals decided in the 470 classes.  The Star's and Finn's will sail 2 races also.


Course: E

The Stars were the only fleet to sail on a course outside of the harbor.  

The home water Australian team meshed well with Course D scoring a 3rd and a 2nd for the best total of the day.

This put them 2nd, 7 points behind Brazil.  Sailing from the lead Brazil had a solid day with a 1st and a 6th.  

Bermuda moved into 3rd with a 4th and a 1st.

Close behind is Great Britain 2 points back, after a 2nd and a 3rd.

The USA team finished 6th and 10th.  They are now 7th, 14 points from 3rd.

Taking a big fall was Italy.  Placings of 13th and 12th pushed them from 2nd to 10th!

While the top 4 boats placed in the top 5 all but one race and therefore broke away from the fleet, others couldn't put two races together.

Canada scored 14th and 5th.  New Zealand scored 15th and 5th.

Now past halfway 4 teams have found the consistency needed to medal.  The ones maintaining that level will win out.

Soling Keelboat Match Racing

Once again, the Soling fleet sailed a down to the wire match racing round.

With past gold medallists at the helm Germany (Jochen Schuemann) and Denmark (Jesper Bank) advancing with 4-1 records.

Next came a 3 boat pack with 2 wins and 3 losses- Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand.

New Zealand won its second race in the final match against Norway.  They carried slightly better pressure in the patchy breeze and edged across by inches.

The tiebreaker was literally a tie as the 3 boats were 1-1 against each other.

The next stage is to check the fleet racing standings.  These went Norway, New Zealand and Netherlands. The Netherlands finished 3rd despite winning 3 of the 6 fleet races. So, Netherlands is eliminated along with 1-4 Russia.  

This sets up semi finals of (4) New Zealand vs. Germany(1) and (2) Denmark vs. Norwa(3).

The semi finals will end when 2 teams have won 3 matches each.  They will race for the Gold, the other two for Bronze.

Note:  The Netherlands has filed a request for redress.  Essentially Netherlands believe they should be going to the semis.  The Jury will hear this Wednesday Australia time.





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