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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 22 September 2000 Issue # 256

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

 Olympic Sailing Day 6

Day 6 appropriately saw six classes on the water.  One gold medal was clinched, and lead in several classes changed hands.


Australian forecasters are speaking of weak southerly winds for Day 7 of racing.  S/SE winds of 10-15 are the call.

Mistral Sailboards: Men's Fleet

Course: B

The two races sailed saw sailors from the bottom half of the fleet take the day.  12th place China was 2nd and 1st, with 13th place Fiji 3rd and 2nd.  Ukraine 16th won the first race, while Italy from 17th was 3rd in the 2nd race.

At the top there was a change in leader.  Argentina's Carlos Espinola is now the leader by 9 points over Christoph Sieber of Austria.  Both were well down the fleet in the days first race.  Espinola discarded his 26th, while Sieber had to keep his 23rd.  3rd placed Aaron Mcintosh had the most consistent day amongst the leaders placing 5th and 12th.

American Mike Gebhardt scored a 7th and an 11th and is now 6th overall.

With the wild swings in this fleet the gold medal is still in play.

Mistral Sailboards: Women's Fleet

Course: C

Two races were sailed and the usual sailors were around the top of the fleet.  Race 1 was won by Italy's Alessandra Sensini, with Ameile Lux of Germany 2nd and Jessica Crisp making a podium appearance in 3rd.  

Race 2 was won by New Zealand's Barbara Kendall, with Lux 2nd and USA's Lanee Bulter 3rd.

Lux of Germany still leads Italy's Sennsini by a single point.  Kendal is only 2 points from 3rd and 2 from 1st.  Lanee Butler is 4th, but 29 points from 3rd.

One race remains for the fleet.  It should be a 3 board sail off to determine medals.  All are capable of winning the race and applying maximum pressure to the other two.

470 Men's Fleet

Course D

The USA's team of Foerester and Merrick won both races sailed on Day 6.  Home for the 470 fleet was course D near the entrance to Sydney harbor.

While the USA was having a perfect day, many of their close competitors were not.  You have to look down the standings to 6th to find a team with a top 3 placing other than the USA.

Portugal is now tied with the USA for the lead.  The USA is placed second as they have 2 wins to Portugal's 1.  3rd is the Australian team 2 points back.

Past 3rd there is a bit of a gap in the points.  Even so, with 5 races left the final finishing order is still quite in doubt.

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Unofficial Team Standings

The following nations have sailors entered in all 11 classes: Australia, , Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.  Sailing Daily will track the performance of these teams.

Day 2 Standings
1.  Australia 396
2.  New Zealand 413
3.  USA 425
 4. Spain 569
5.  Italy 589

Sailor of the Day
Each day Sailing Daily will note the Sailor or team with the lowest points for the Day
The USA Men's 470 team of Paul Foerester had a perfect day winning both races, to move into a tie for 1st.



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Sydney 2000

Olympic Medal Fact
The gold medal won by the Austrian Tornado team is Austria's first sailing gold.  It is also the 1st medal for the Austrian team in this years Olympics.


Team Philips

Scheduled for tomorrow in Totnes England is the relaunch of the maximaran Team Philips.

Team Philips may hit the water as early as 0930.  The boat can't be craned in more than 15 knots of wind, so an early start may be needed to avoid high winds.

On the eve of launching Pete Goss says: "Of course people have also been saying 'told you so'. I actually welcome that. Anything in life that challenges the norm will be controversial. That promotes discussion, which in turn promotes progress.We just want to be judged by our actions."

The first of those judgable actions will be a North Atlantic crossing in October.




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 Today's Sailing News 

Olympic Sailing Day 6

Looking ahead to day 7, the Mistral's have a day off before completing their regattas.  The 470 fleets are also off the water.

The last two classes to get underway, the Star and Finn's begin racing.  

The Soling match racing starts with a round robin between: Great Britain, Ukraine, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.  The top 3 advance, the others are finished.


Course: B

It was a 4 race day for the 49ers.  They sailed on Course B inside the harbor.

By the end of the day, the USA's Mckee brothers were again in 1st by virtue of tie breaker advantage.  They began the day tied with Finland.

In the days 1st race Finland was 2nd, USA 3rd.  1 point advantage to Finland.  In the second race USA came 3rd, Finland 4th.  Back to even.

Race 3 saw a 1st for the USA, 7th for Finland.  A 6 point gain for USA.  Race 4 saw the Mckee's worst race of the day, an 11th.  Finland was 2nd.

So after briefly having a good lead on Finland, the tie was back on.  Again the tie goes in USA's favor as the Mckee's have won races 4,8 and 11 while the Finns have no 1st places.

3rd is Great Britain, 6 points ahead of the current world champions from Spain.  The Australian team is 6th despite 4 wins.

Tornado Catamarans

Course: F

By winning 2 of 3 races sailed on one of the ocean courses, the Austrian team of Roman HAGARA & Hans Peter STEINACHER have clinched the Tornado class gold medal.  After the two wins the gold medal team placed 2nd in the days final race.

The world champion German team sailed well with a 2nd and a 3rd to their credit.

Australia is a solid 2nd, with France in 3rd.  

Several of the teams with a shot at a bronze medal had poor results.  Great Britain's score line was: OCS,DSQ,10.  The USA's: 11,11,3.  

After matching France the first two races, New Zealand posted a 12th to a French 4th.

With 2 races to be sailed, France must watch Germany closely as they are 2 points back.  New Zealand at 11 points back has an outside shot at the bronze.

470 Women's Fleet 

Course D

The racing in this class was dominated by teams from down in the standings.  The first race was won by Japan (7th overall) 2nd was Italy (8th overall) and then Israel (4th).  Race 2 was won by the regatta leader Ukraine, then Slovokia (17th) and Spain (10th).

After Ukraine comes Germany and the New Zealand.  Both of these teams had a finish outside the top 10.  Israel with two top 10's on the day is 4th, with the USA 5th after a 4th and their second 15th of the series.

With only 8 points between 1st and 5th nothing is settled.  The top teams must earn their medals by consistent sailing.


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