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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 18 September 2000 Issue # 253

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

 Olympic Sailing Day 2

Day 2 of the 2000 Summer Olympics Sailing regatta saw the 2 man 49er skiff sail it's first Olympic races.  The skiffs received live TV coverage.  They flew spinnakers with their nations flag, but all was not well.  See 49er story below.

Weather:  Day 3 of racing could again see a wait for wind.  A high pressure system is passing over Sydney.  Current barometric pressure is 30.00.  This high pressure could hold off the forecasted 10-15 knot afternoon sea breezes.

49er 2 man Skiff

Course: C

Sailing being an ancient and cantankerous sport things didn't go as planned for the 49ers..  The winds were light and so the TV viewers saw not so spectacular sailing.  The spinnakers with painted with flags are being replaced due to problems with adhesion of the graphics.

Race 1 on the 49er's debut day was inauspicious.  A 180 wind shift came through with the fleet on the course.  Later the New Zealand and Great Britain teams protested the race.  

The Spanish team was the winner, with Finland 2nd and Ukraine 3rd.  Race 2 saw different podium occupants: Germany, Denmark and USA.

At day's end the top ranked German team was leading, with Japan 2nd.  Three boats were even at 9 points.  Spain by virtue of their 1st place moved to 3rd.  At the tail end of this 3 way tie are the USA's 49er team of Jonathan and Charlie Mckee.

The multiple time world champion Australian team had a bad day posting a pair of 11ths.

The 49ers will have a day off.  This is due to problems with the chemicals that make up the national flags on the spinnakers.  Organizers will procure a new set of spinnakers for the fleet.


Mistral Sailboards: Men's Fleet

Course: B

This fleet sailed only a single race on day 2.  Winning was Christoph Sieber of Austria.  2nd was Nick Dempsey of Great Britain and 3rd was Tony Philip of Fiji.

Sieber's 2nd win in 3 races gives him an ample 15 point lead over Carlos Espinola of Argentina.

American Mike Gebhardt was 10th and sits 8th overall.

Some better results for pre regatta favorites from Oceania.  New Zealand's Aaron Mcintosh was 4th.  Home country sailor Lars Kleppisch did not fare as well finishing 18th.

Looking at the standings with a discard, American Mike Gebhardt moves up to 4th.  Aaron Mcintosh is only a point back of Gebhardt.

Sieber is in an excellent position but many others in the fleet are still in medal contention.

Mistral Sailboards: Women's Fleet

Course: B

While the Men's fleet has seen variable results, the women's fleet has been top heavy.  For the third consecutive race the same three sailors took the podium spots.  First was Amelie Lux of Germany, 2nd Alessandra Sennsini of Italy and 3rd Barbara Kendall of New Zealand.

Lux is now 1st with 4 points, while Sennsini and Kendall are even with 7 points.  4th place is defending gold medallist Lee Lai Shan of Hong Kong 13 points back.

American Lanee Butler finished 12th.  Taking a discard into account she moves to 8th place.

The top trios run must be broken for other sailors to have medal hopes.

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Unofficial Team Standings

The following nations have sailors entered in all 11 classes: Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.  Sailing Daily will track the performance of these teams.

Day 2 Standings
1.  Germany 85 Points No Change
2.  New Zealand 115 Points No Change
3.  USA 134 Points + 1 
4.  Australia 144 points + 1
5.  Spain 157 Points -2 
6.  Italy 164 points No Change

Sailor of the Day
Each day Sailing Daily will note the Sailor or team with the lowest points for the Day
Day 2's best was the Austrian Tornado team of Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher. They scored a 2nd and a 1st and lead the Tornado fleet.



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Sydney 2000

Olympic Race Courses
A Farm Cove (to be used for Soling Match Racing) 1.57 miles from Olympic Marina
B.  1.1 miles from Olympic Marina, .75 NM diameter
C.  1.9 miles from Olympic Marina, .75 NM diameter
D.  Between 'heads' at harbor entrance 4.0 miles from Olympic Marina, .92 NM diameter
E.  Offshore Course 5.7 miles from Olympic marina, 1.5 NM diameter
F.  Offshore Course 6.3 miles from Olympic Marina, 1.5 NM diameter






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 Today's Sailing News 

Olympic Sailing Day 2

As expected Day 2 of the Olympic Sailing regatta did not benefit from steady breezes.  Only the 49er class started on time.  The classes first Olympic race was marred by a 180 wind shift.

The Tornado class started at 1300 and was the only class to get both scheduled races in.  The Mistrals and Soling's waited several hours to begin competition and sailed only 1 race.

Soling Fleet Racing

Course: F

The Soling fleet is farthest behind their schedule.  So far they have completed 2 races rather than the 4 scheduled.  

The top 3 for race 2 were:  Ukraine, Norway and New Zealand.  Despite New Zealand's 2 podium finishes, they trail the Netherlands by 1 point.

The USA's world champion team finished 14th.  They are 7th.

Unlike the other fleets the Soling's are currently racing to qualify for match racing.  12 of the 16 teams move on.  Currently not qualifying are: Sweden, France, Germany and Spain.

Of these teams, Sweden and Germany are certainly well below expectations.  Conversely Finland in 6th and Italy in 11th are sailing better than expected.


Tornado Catamarans

Course: E

The Tornado's were the only fleet to sail all their scheduled races.  

Team of the day was the Austrians 2nd in the race 1 and winners in race 2.  This puts them in the regatta lead by 5 points over Australia.  The Australians posted a pair of 4ths.  3rd is Great Britain.

The USA team of Lovell and Ogletree scored a 5th and an 8th.  They are tied with 2 other teams with 27 points.  Current tiebreakers put them 6th.  They are one of 3 teams to have posted all top 10 finishes.

New Zealand with Chris Dickson at the helm was 7th and 15th.  They are just behind the USA on total points.


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