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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 7 September 2000 Issue # 246

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

 Olympic Class Rankings

The final rankings for the Olympic sailing classes were released 30 August.  Below find the top 3 countries in each class along with the USA Olympian's rankings.

49er 2 person skiff
Germany, Spain, France
USA Charlie/Jonathan Mckee 12th

470 Men's 2 person dinghy
1st Paul Foerester/Bob Merrick USA, France, Ukraine

470 Women's 2 person dinghy
Ukraine, Greece, Spain 13th J.J. Isler/Pease Glaser USA

Laser single handed dinghy
Sweden, Australia, Brazil 70th John Myrdal USA

Finn single handed dinghy
Canada, Poland, Sweden USA's Russ Silvestri 38th

Europe women's single handed dinghy
Denmark, Finland, Australia USA's Courtenay Becker Day 62nd

Men's Mistral Sailboard
Australia, New Zealand, France, USA's Mike Gebhardt 22nd.

Mistral Women's Sailboard
France, Italy, Hong Kong, USA's Lanee Butler 19th

Tornado Catamaran
Germany, Austria, Australia USA's Lovell/Ogletree 10th

Soling 3 person match and fleet racing keel boat
Germany, Denmark, Ukraine USA's Madrigal/Healy/Jordan 8th

Star 2 person keelboat
Australia, USA's Reynolds/Liljerdahl 2nd, Canada

The team with the most sailors in the top 3 of the class rankings is Australia with 5. France has 4.  Germany, and Ukraine 3.  Spain, USA, Sweden, Canada, and Denmark 2.

Next week's Around the World of Sailing will have a comprehensive preview of the Olympic Sailing regatta.






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 Today's Sailing News 

Kenwood Cup Preview

Eco Challenge Sailing

This article is a follow up to a story published in the 23 August Around the World of Sailing

The 7th annual Eco Challenge adventure race featured sailing as part of the events this year.  From 20 August to 1 September athletes traveled 320 miles in Borneo.  

When the course was announced, sailing was the lead event.  The teams left the seaport of Semperna on native Perahu canoes.

These canoes were sailed with colorful kite's and spinnakers.  Steering was generally by canoe paddle.

The canoes are constructed of wood.  A square central hull is supported by 3 beams running to 2 narrow outriggers.

Winning the sailing leg was Team Aussie in a time of 2 hours 8 minutes.  This team featured several world class kyakers and ended up 3rd overall.  Second was the US team Team Salomon/Eco-Internet in 2:14.  Captain of this team Ian Adamson is the world record holder for distance paddled in a kayak, 217 miles. Eventually this team was the Eco Challenge winner.  3rd was Team QXL in 2:16 on their way to a 16th place finish.

Of the teams featured in our Eco Challenge sailing preview Team Sunlight with Jeff Mcinnis who has sailed the Northwest Passage sailed the leg in 2:37 and ended the challenge 24th.  Team Erricson Turk with a former Turkish Olympic sailor also finished the canoe sailing leg in 2:37.  Team Targus with a Cape Town to Rio Veteran needed 3:18 to finish the leg.


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