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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 13 October 2000 Issue # 270

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

Sailor of the Year Voting Update

Voting for the 2nd edition of Torresen Sailing Site's Sailor of the Year is now over a week old.  There are total of 10 candidates, half male and half female.

To date voters seem most impressed by Olympic gold.  Leading the women's voting is Mistral Sailboard Gold Medallist Alessandra Sensini.  In a 3 way tie for 2nd are Betsy Alison, Dorte Jensen and Ellen Macarthur.  Surprisingly Europe gold Medallist Shirley Robertson has not yet received a vote.

Olympic Star Gold Medallist Mark Reynolds leads the men's voting over world match racing champion Dean Barker.  In the men's voting Francis Joyon has not yet received a vote.

Voting continues until December.  Voters have the chance to enter a prize drawing for sailing prizes from new dock lines to sailing calendars.




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Weekly Water Level Update

Reference Point Inches
Chart Datum -2
September 13 2000 -5
October 13 1999 -6
Long Term Avg. -20
Record High -60
Record Low + 11
Forecast for November 13 -3

Data Courtesy Detroit District Corps of Engineers




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 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: Code 1 Launched

The maxi maran to be co skippered by Loick Peyron and Skip Novak was launched Thursday evening in France.  'Code 1' is a near identical sister ship to Club Med.  Differences include: an extra winch at the foot of the mast but no running backstay winch, protective cockpit bulwarks and 50 cm less at the stern.  Peyron states that such differences "are technical details that only people who have been involved with multihulls for years know well."

In addition to Novak and Peyron Code 1 crew includes: Roger Nilson (Sweden), Julien Cressant, Xavier Dagault, Loïck Le Mignon, Jean-Philippe Saliou and Stéphane Peyron (France).

After a month of testing and tuning, Code 1's 2500 mile qualifying voyage will be Maresilles to Monaco via the Azores.

Finally, at the launching Code 1 appeared to have sponsor logos that were covered up.  This should mean that Code 1 will soon have a new name.

Match Race Rankings

On 10 October, the new world wide match race rankings were issued.  Events included were the Olympic Soling Match Race event and the Knickerbocker Cup.

Comments:  The top 2 are both employed by Team NZ.  The Top 4 are all Swedish Match tour regulars.  5th place Jesper Bank was the Soling Gold Medallist.  Australian James Spithill was a semi finalist at the Knickerbocker Cup. Dropping out of the top 10 were Luc Pillot (6th to 14th) and Morten Henriksen (7th to 20th).  American Ed Baird rose from 30th to 19th.  6 of the 10 skippers listed will compete at the Colorcraft Bermuda Gold Cup beginning 22 October

1.  Bertrand Pace FRA No Change
2.  Dean Barker NZL No Change
3.  Sten Mohr DEN No change
4.  Magnus Holmberg No Change
5.  Jesper Bank DEN + 7 positions
6.  Peter Gilmour -1 position
7.  Jes Gram Hansen DEN +1 position 
8.  Jesper Radich-Johansen DEn + 1 position
9.  James Spithill AUS +5 positions
10.  Roy Heiner 10th No Change





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