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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 1 October 2000 Issue # 264

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

 Olympic Sailing: Analysis

After over two weeks of competition one of Sailing's Majors the Olympic Regatta is complete.  Over the past several weeks we have attended to the competitions between individuals within classes.

Now that the regatta is over let's look at how the top nations did.

Great Britain won the most medals.  3 of their 5 medals were golds.  These golds came in a sweep of the single handed events.  They won a medal in Star and 49er.  They came up empty in sailboards/catamaran.

Australia took 4 medals. Their best area was double handed dinghies.  They swept gold medals in the 470's.  Other medals came in Laser and Tornado.

They didn't gain a medal in the keelboats.  Their Star team was the defending bronze medallists.  They also performed below expectations in sailboards.

The USA had 4 medals.  3 of these came in double handed dinghies with a pair of 470 silvers and a 49er bronze.  Disappointment came in the Solings where the world championship team exited early.

Two teams took three medals.  Germany won a single medal in keelboats, boards and Tornado.  

Argentina's medals came in dinghies, single handed and boards.  

Medals were most spread out in the single handed fleets.  7 countries won medals.

The Soling's were dominated by a trio of European countries.

The Olympics did not have a team medal in even half the classes.  However, some countries did dominate certain disciplines.

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Medal Predictions

In the 13 September Around the World of Sailing I predicted medal winners for the Olympics.  I am somewhat pleased to report that I picked 15 of 33 medal winners correctly.

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Team Philips
Club Med

Sailing Medal Count

CTry G S B T
Great Britain 3 2   5
United States 1 2 1 4
Australia 2 1 1 4
Germanry   2 1 3
Argentina   1 2 3
Austria 2     2
Italy 1   1 2
Brazil   1 1 2
New Zealand     2 2
Denmark 1     1
Finland 1      
Sweden   1   1
Netherlands   1   1
Norway     1 1
Ukraine     1 1


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 Today's Sailing News 

The Race

Two of the entrants are back in the water.  Team Philips has been put in the water again.  With a repaired bow the 120 foot catamaran had her first sail Saturday.

Club Med the holder of the 24 hour sailing speed record also has been launched after bow repairs.  During 6 weeks on the hard, Club Med was given new bows and the interior was modified.

Club Med has also named a co-skipper for The Race.  French sailor Franck Proffit will fill this role.  Proffit has been a crew for Loick Peyron in Open 60 trimarans.

Dalton and Proffit



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