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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 24 November 2000 Issue # 293

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

Oracle Racing:  Safe, but without Keel

Thursday in Auckland, the Oracle Racing America's Cup team suffered the disaster of losing their keel.  They were sailing the ex America One/USA 61 when the keel simply fell off.  It is now sitting in 40 meters of water.  A new keel will cost around $ 500,000 and set the team back a month of sailing time.

A search of the Sailing Daily Archives gives some perspective on the brief history of the IACC sloop USA 61.

The boat was sailed for the first time off Auckland 20 November 1999.  USA 61 did not race until 2 January 2000.

Before racing USA 61 was used for two 15 day periods of two boat testing.  Once the Challenger semi finals began 2 January, USA 61 raced for a little over a month, with the Challenger finals ending on 8 February, adding a little more than a month to USA 61's sea time.  

Tallying it up USA 61 sailed for approximately 2 months.

Once eliminated USA 61 sat idle until 20 October 2000 when repainted white she sailed under Oracle Racing auspices.

Oracle sailed USA 61 for another month in training and testing mode.  

After approximately 3 months of sailing USA 61 lost her keel.  Another blow to the IACC sloops reliability record.

505 Worlds

After a nearly week long postponement the 505 sailors are back on the water off Durban, South Africa.

Wednesday and Thursday each saw 2 races sailed.  Today racing was again abandoned due to high winds.

Wednesday saw 12-15 knots breezes that slowly died away.

The American team of Martin and Boudrow won both Wednesday races.

On Thursday the Swedish team of Bergstom and Moss won both races.  These were sailed in 20+ knot winds and prime surfing conditions downwind.

With their wins the Swedish team leads Boudrow and Martin by 7 points.  





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Today's Vendee Globe Report:  Into the Southern Hemisphere

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 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: Team Adventure Sails

Tuesday in Cherbourg France Team Adventure's 110 foot mega-catamaran sailed for the first time.

During the day a marine safety inspection, builders trials and sail trials were completed.

Details from Skipper Cam Lewis' first hand report follow.

The cat's twin engines pushed her to 6.8 knots heading into a 24 knot breeze.

6 people hoisted the main.  The main was built by Halsey Lidgard of cuben fiber.

There were 30 people onboard including crew and guests.

Before 12 December Lewis' team hope to have completed their 2500 mile qualifying voyage.

Team Philips is also in trial mode.  A second day on the water produced reports of 26 knots of speed in 12-14 knot winds.  Team Philips must still qualify for The Race.

With a little over a month to the start several other teams are still preparing for The Race.  Code 1 will soon set out on her qualifying voyage via the Azores Islands.  

Playstation will be launched 27 November.  The American entry is now 125 feet and has new sails.

Tony Bullimore's Team Legato will start her qualifying voyage any day.

The ex Explorer, now Warta will launch today.  Next will be stepping of a new mast.

Times Clipper Update

The 8 boat fleet has finished in Cuba.  Finish order for Leg 2 as follows:

1.  Plymouth Clipper
2.  Portsmouth Clipper
3.  London Clipper
4.  Bristol Clipper
5.  Leeds Clipper
6.  Glasgow Clipper
7.  Jersey Clipper
8.  Liverpool Clipper

Overall Standings (8 points for 1st, 1 point for 8th)

1.  Plymouth 15
2.  Bristol 13
3.  Portsmouth 13
4.  London 11
5.  Leeds 7
6. Jersey 6
7.  Glasgow 5
8.  Liverpool 2

Next for the Clipper fleet is a leg to Panama and a transit through the Panama Canal 9-15 December.  From there its off to the Galapagos Islands 23-28 December.



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