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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 20 November 2000 Issue # 291

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

BT Challenge Update

Leg 2 results (Boston to Buenos Aries).  Leg 3 Buenos Aries to Wellington, New Zealand starts 10 December

1.  LG Flatron 32 Days 22 Hours
2.  Spirit of Hong Kong 33 days 13 hours
3.  Logica 33 days 19 hours
4.  Compaq 33 days 20 hours
5.  Olympic Group 33 days 22 hours
6.  Quadstone 34 days 2 hours
7.  BP 34 days 2 hours
8.  Veritas 34 days 4 hours
9.  Isle of Man 34 days 7 hours
10.  Team SpritIT 34 days 10 hours
11.  Norwich Union 34 days 18 hours
12.  Save the Children 34 days 23 hours

Overall results after 2 legs

Based on Points system which gives 15 points for 1st, 4 for 12th

1. LG Flatron 28
2.  Quadstone 25
3.  Compaq 24
4.  BP 22
5.  Spirit of Hong Kong 20
6.  Logica 19
7.  Veritas 19
8.  Isle of Man 17
9.  Olympic Group 15
10.  Team SpirIT 12
11.  Save the Children 11
12. Norwich Union 10

505 Worlds

The 505 worlds got started on Friday.  56 two person teams sailed in an 18 knot easterly.  Venue is Durban South Africa.  

Winner was Howard Hamlin sailing USA 8266.  2nd was Krister Bergstrom of Sweden with Ian Barker of Great Britain 3rd.

Since Friday, nothing much has changed.  Saturday and Sunday saw no racing as 30+ knots winds raged.

Three races are needed to complete the series.  The race committee can run 2 races per day if necessary.


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Today's Vendee Globe Report:  Into the Doldrums

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 Today's Sailing News 

Match Racing: Nippon Cup

While the Swedish Match tour has events until next year, other match racing events continue.  Over the weekend the Nippon Cup was hosted by Hayama Marina Yacht Club in Japan.

Peter Gilmour(6th ranked) who skippered the Japanese Americas Cup campaign edged fellow Aussie James Spithill (ranked 7th) 3-2 for the Nippon Cup.  

Gilmour got to the finals beating Dane Sten Mohr 3-1.  Spithill defeated Magnus Holmberg 3-2.

Facing off for 3rd and 4th, Holmberg beat Mohr 2-1.

Luc Pillot blanked Tomislav Basic 3-0 to decide 5th and 6th place.

Japanese skipper Y.Funazawa beat Prada skipper Francesco De Angelis 3-2 for 7th place.  This just the latest in a string of non impressive match racing by De Angelis.  He is ranked 128th behind a number of other Italian match racers.

Times Clipper Update

Leader: Plymouth Clipper by 33 miles.

Location: 21 North, 74 west, leaders 500 miles from finish

Best 24 hour run: Liverpool Clipper 193 miles

Current Conditions: South East Winds 10-20 knots.

Forecast: Switching North 



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