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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 16 November 2000 Issue # 289

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

Olympic Sailing:  Yngling is in

The Yngling a 21 foot keel boat will be sailed in the 2004 Olympics in the Women's fleet race event.

It was designed by Jan Linge who also designed the Soling.  The Soling was recently voted out the Olympics.

The Yngling was designed in 1967. Since Linge designed it with his son in mind, Yngling means youngster.

Weighing 1390 pounds, the Yngling is generally sailed with 3 crew.  Optimum crew weight is 400-500 pounds.

There are 4000 Ynglings with builders in Norway, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.

The 2000 World Championships were sailed this July in Denmark.  The winner was an Austrian crew skippered by Rudi Mayr.  Sailors from 10 countries attended.  The 2001 worlds will be sailed in Newport Rhode Island.

The Yngling looks very much like a smaller Soling.  It has a similar upswept bow and long flat run to the stern.  

With its selection as an Olympic boat we'll all become more familiar with it.

Times Clipper Update

Leader: Plymouth Clipper by 39 miles.

Location: 19 North, 60 west, heading west to Cuba.

Best 24 hour run: London Clipper 174 miles

Current Conditions: SE Winds 

Forecast: Several days until steady trade winds sailing

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Today's Vendee Globe Report:  Leaders pass the Canary Islands

 Today's Sailing News 

BT Challenge Update

Leader: LG Flatron by 101 miles.

Location: LG Flatron only 15 miles from River Plate. 

Best 24 hour run: Norwich Union 170 miles

Current Conditions: Light and Variable

Forecast: NW Force 2 or 3 as the fleet sails up the River Plate to the finish in Buenos Aries.

Opinion: No Spinnaker Trimmers in the Olympics

Thousands of my hours on the water have been spent feet planted on the side deck, spinnaker sheet in hand peering at the curl in the leech.  With the Olympic boats now set, there won't be any men trimming spinnakers on keelboats.

Often during the boat debate, ISAF mentioned that they wanted Olympic Sailing to be representative of sailing world wide.

It would seem leaving no work for men's keelboat spinnaker trimmers is not representative of world wide sailing.

Major sailing events such as the Chicago Mac,Transpac, Sydney/Hobart, Key West Race Week, Admirals Cup and Americas cup see men (and women) perched over a lead keel playing the curl.

To not have this in the Olympics makes me think Olympic sailing is not as representative as it might be.



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