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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 13 November 2000 Issue # 287

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

Mumm 30 Worlds

The 4th annual world championships are being hosed by Storm Trysail Club.  Sailing Venue is the Atlantic Ocean off Miami Beach.

Rebounding from double digit finishes on the first day of racing Vincenzo Onorato's Mascalzone Latino has won the Mumm 30 World Championship.

After a 20th and an 11th on Day 1, there were no finishes worse than 7th, plus wins in races 5 &8 for Onorato.

Alberto Signorini's Seven finished 4 points back in 2nd, winning the final race.

Third was defending champion USA 48.  The team had 4 runner up finishes, but also 3 below 10th.

America's Cup: Dennis Conner is in

Dennis Conner has signed a 3 year contract with New York Yacht Club.  This include Conner and his Team Stars and Stripes sailing under NYYC colors in the 2003 America's Cup.

New York Yacht Club Commodore George Commodore Isdale said: "Major sponsorship and many of the key members of the team are in place allowing Stars & Stripes to move forward. We expect to field a very competitive challenge in New Zealand." 

About sailing for NYYC Conner said: "Twenty years after losing it, I'd love to be the one to win it back."



Times Clipper Update

Leader: Bristol Clipper by 44 miles.

Location: 24 North, 53 west, heading west to Cuba.

Best 24 hour run: Glasgow Clipper 202 miles

Current Conditions: South winds 8 Knots

Forecast: Variable winds courtesy of a high pressure


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Today's Vendee Globe Report:  Sill Comeback



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 Today's Sailing News 

Team Adventure to launch

After nearly a year spend building Team Adventure will launch the boat they will sail in the Race.  The mega cat has been built at JMV Shipyard in Cherbourg, France.

In addition Team Adventure's mast will be stepped Monday.

Team Adventure will fly sails built by Halsey Lidgard Sail makers.  Skipper Cam Lewis plans to begin sailing his Race Class catamaran later this week.  Once sea trials are done Team Adventure will sail in the North Atlantic and then to the Mediterranean.

The Race News and Notes

Team Philips is once again being readied to sail.  One of the two masts have been stepped.  This after repairs to the bases of the boats twin masts.

Tony Bullimore now has sponsor for the lengthened ex Enza New Zealand.  She will sail as Team Legato.  Team Legato will launch at the end of November and immediately begin her 2500 mile qualifying sail.

Code 1 has been sailed six times.  Sea trials will continue in France until 20 November.  Then Code 1's qualifying voyage to Marseilles via the Azores to complete the 2 500 miles required to qualify for The Race.

BT Challenge Update

Leader: LG Flatron by 137 miles.

Location: 31 South 49 West.  Finish expected this week. 

Best 24 hour run: BP  230 miles

Current Conditions: East Force 6

Forecast: Changing to SW Force 4



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