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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 7 November 2000 Issue # 284

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

BT Challenge Update

Leader: LG Flatron by 77 miles.

Location: 12 south, 35 west, nearing Salvador Brazil

Best 24 hour run: Compaq 245 miles

Current Conditions: Wind of 040 @ 17 knots.

Forecast: North East Force 4 to 5.

Times Clipper Update

Leader: Portsmouth Clipper by 76 miles.

Location: 23 North, 36 west, heading west to Cuba.

Best 24 hour run: Glasgow Clipper 258 miles

Current Conditions: east winds 10-15 knots.

Forecast: Easterly trade winds.


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 Today's Sailing News 

Swedish Match Tour Recap

The 8 event Swedish Match Sailing Tour concluded with the Colorcraft Gold Cup in Bermuda.  Bertrand Pace was 1st with 114 points followed by Dean Barker with 103 and then Magnus Holmberg with 78.

Pace's victory included 2 wins (Steinlager Line 7 in Auckland and Lake Constance).  His pair of 2nds at the Swedish Match Cup and the Danish Open were most on the tour.

Barker also won 2 events, the ACI Cup/World Championship and the Swedish Match Cup.  His other top 3 place came at the Sun Cup in Australia.

3rd place finisher Magnus Holmberg finished strong with a 2 event winning streak at the Trofeo Challenge and the Danish Open.

4th was Peter Gilmour who started with a win in the 2nd event and a runner up finish at the ACI Cup.  After that there were no more top 3 finishes.

Dane Sten Mohr was 5th.  He tied for the most 3rd place finishes with 2.  American Ed Baird also has 2 3rd places finishes.

Finally, Russell Coutts became the tours 5th event winner at the Colorcraft Gold Cup in Bermuda.

With year 1 decided, the tour has already begun the year 2 points score.

The tours 2nd year will carry over points from the Trofeo Challenge, Danish Open and Colorcraft Gold Cup.  5 events in 2001 (Steinlager/Line 7 in Auckland, Sun Microsystems Cup in Perth, ACI Cup in Croatia, Lake Costance in Germany and Swedish Match Cup) will fill out the year 2 schedule.

Magnus Holmberg leads the year 2 scoreboard with 2 wins and 56 points.  American Ed Baird is next with 36, then Sten Mohr at 32 and Peter Holmberg with 27.  These skippers have sailed in all three scored events.

Next in the point score are: Coutts 25, Pace 24, Dickson 20 and Gilmour 20.

Competition in the 5 events to be sailed in 2001 should be even closer than year 1.


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