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20 June 2000 Issue # 219

By Ike Stephenson


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The Majors of Sailing:  Bermuda Race Line Honors

Although a late course high pressure system robbed the leading boats of record breaking speed, the line honors battle was a mightily close one.

A pair of ILC maxis had a close battle.  Sayonara led for much of the 635 mile course.  By the finish line Sagamore had eked out a lead.  This allowed Sagamore to take line honors in a time of 3 days 23 hours 2 minutes and 39 seconds.  Only 13 minutes back was Sayonara.

Within the hour Blue Yankee has finished and then Boomerang at 4 days 3 minutes and 59 seconds.  Although not victorious, Boomerang does keep the course record.

For the majority of the fleet it'll be  a slog through the high pressure induced lite airs to see if they can beat the maxis on corrected time.

Europe 1 Star:  Monohull podium filled out

Winning monohull Kingfisher finishes

 Once Ellen Macarthur steered Kingifsher to an overall mono hull win there was a bit of a wait for second.  However, Roland Jourdain (Sill Beurre Le Gall) did finish 2nd and , Mike Golding (Team Group 4) 3rd to complete the race podium.   Thierry Dubois (Solidaires) finished 4th.

For Golding and Jourdain this was reminiscent of last years finish of the Transat Jacques Vabre.  In that race Golding pipped Jourdain for 3rd place.  This year Jourdain gained a measure of satisfaction by getting the necessary edge on Golding.  Golding's Group 4 finished low on fuel and with a leaking sail hold plus a cracked daggerboard.  Upon finishing Golding was satisfied, saying:  " I have been pleased with our upwind capability. " Further Golding states, "We have made definite gains in this area since the Around Alone and the fact that we are first of the Finot designed boats gives me great confidence for the Vendee Globe".

Whilst the other podium boats sailed the remainder of their race, Macarthur spoke to the press on land.

One of the key factors in her win was, "I know her so well, above all upwind, since that was the main point of sail when I sailed her from New Zealand to the UK."  Still she says, "Kingfisher is a really good boat, but this has only been proved going upwind so far. We shall have to see how she does downwind."  

With Golding feeling chipper about the downwind Vendee Globe, Macathur admits to the unknown.  Although a tough and competitive race many of these sailors will begin sailing around the world alone- non stop in November.  This race has been good preparation- but just that- preparation.

Olympic Sailing:  Silvestri assures USA full Olympic team

By virtue of a 25th place finish, Russ Silvestri has assured the USA of having an entrant in all the Olympic sailing fleets.  Silvestri's regatta was highlighted by an 8th place in race 4.

Winner of the Finn Gold Cup was Mateusz Kusznierwicz of Poland.  He counted all top 3 finishes and was 13 points ahead at regattas end.  2nd was Sebastian Godfreid of Belgium and 3rd was Emilos Papathansiou of Greece.

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