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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

5 June 2000 Issue # 209

By Ike Stephenson


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Detroit NOODS Final Report

The first of the two NOOD regattas held on the Great Lakes is now complete.  There were two days of racing for the variety of one design fleets.  Friday saw 18 knot breezes with large shifts.  Saturday saw winds drop to 8-10.  Sunday there was no wind and no races.

Two classes used this regatta to decide their national championship.  Stealth the Hobie 33 national champion had a bit of an unusual path to their title.

On Friday they won all 3 races sailed the last being a phto finish that they won by a second.

Saturday's first race would prove more difficult.  As they neared the starting gun a boat from one of the bigger level rated classes sauntered through on a starting line reconniasance mission.  This blocked Stealth's view of a other Hobie 33 that was sailing on port tack.  Once the bigger boat cleared, Stealth on starboard hailed the port tacker.  The port tackers reaction was not quick enough and a collisioin ensued.  The port tacker was holed, and Stealth's bow pulpit and spinakker pole were wrecked.  After disengaging Stealth was short a pole and also a crew member who had hopped aboard the port tacker to break up their impromptu raft.  Stealth circled back to pick up their crew member.  Engaging an ancient law of the sea Stealth as victor also took the port tackers spinnaker pole.  Frok then on it was back to racing and a 4th and a 2nd on Saturday and the class national championship.

A complete list of class winners is below.

1) Stu & Sandy Kevelighan, W. Bloomfield, MI, STEALTH, 

C&C 35 (8 boats)

1) Frank G. Tenkel, Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, BRAVO, 11 Points
Cal 25 (20 boats)
1) Tom Schreiber, St. Clair Shores, MI, ANNIE MAYME, 8
Crescent (8 boats)
1) Stephen Hume, Detroit, MI, MANON, 8
Etchells (12 boats)
1) Doug Scheibner, Grosse Pointe, MI, MR. NICE, 15
*Express 27 (12 boats)- GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIPS
1) Paul Deeds, East Palo Alto, CA, LORAX, 7
*Express 27 (12 boats)- NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
1) Paul Deeds, East Palo Alto, CA, LORAX, 8
Grand Prix A (8 boats)
1) Wallace Tsuha, Rochester Hill, MI, SATURN (J/145), 11
Grand Prix B (7 boats)
1) Edward Shumaker, St. Clair, MI, GRATIOT BEACH (Henderson 30), 10
J/120 (10 boats)
1) Marvin H. Ihnen, Troy, MI, IHNSANITY, 9
J/24 (10 boats)
1) Josh Kerst, Ann Arbor, MI, INSTANT KARMA, 4
Level 114 (11 boats)
1) Tom Kleinhardt, Farmington Hills, MI, FORTE (Catalina 38), 10
Level 141 (11 boats)
1) Nat Towle, Bingham Farms, MI, FREEDOM (C&C 34), 8
Level 35 (17 boats)
1) Bill Wildner, Harrison Twp, MI, Mr. Bill's Wild Ride (J/35), 7
Level 40 (9 boats)
1) John S. Barbour, Grosse Pointe, MI, VELERO VI (NA40), 14
S27.9 (9 boats)
1) Horace Holland, Florence, AL, BAMA SLAMMER, 10
Santana 35 (7 boats)
1) Gordon Morlan, Grosse Pointe Park, MI, AVATAR, 8
Tartan Ten (21 boats)
1) Tim Britton, Mentor, OH, Troll, 21
Ultimate 20 (12 boats)
1) Andy Denbaas, Warren, MI, Hard Licker, 13
Warhorse (13 boats)
1) Curtis Kime, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, SILVER CLOUD (C&C41), 12


Europe 1 Transat Starts

At 1210 yesterday the 11th Edition of the Plymouth England to Newport Rhode Isaland 'STAR' race started.  'STAR' stands for Singlehanded Trans Atlantic Race.

The Class 1 Open 60 monohulls at the  start

Winds for the start for the 70+ boat fleet were around 10 knots from the Southwest.  The fleet sailed upwind to the only mark of the course between the UK and the USA.  This mark is Eddystone Lighthouse.  Alain Gautier’s Foncia and Frank Cammas’ Groupama were the first multi hulls.  For the Class I mono hulls Michel Desjoyeaux’s PRB and Ellen MacArthur’s Kingfisher made the best of the light air upwind beat and were 1st and 2nd at Eddystone.

The first nite at sea was a relatively easy one.  The wind was from the west and moderate.  This does not mean the sailors have been slacking as Kingfisher's Ellen Macarthur reports: "Sleep hasn't been easy, but I'm happy that I got half a dozen short naps of 8 to 10 minutes - not once needing the alarm to wake me."

Ellen also describes her current thinking on tactics: "We're making the direct route right now, waiting for the wind to back before taking a northerly tack to move around the ridge ahead of us."

The ridge is a 1025 millibar high pressure between 40° and 50° north latitude.  There is also a 1030  milibar high between 30° and 40° north latitude.  North of 50° latitude there is a 976 milibar low, labled 'storm' on weather charts.  The stategy would look to be to tack north and get wind from this storm.  How far north to go, and how much extra distance to sail, could be an early and race deciding call.

Olympic Sailing: Soling Trials

The 4 teams tipped as favorites by Sailing Daily have come to the front in the Soling Olympic Selection trials.  Currently underway are a series of round robin matches.  Each team will their 7 opponent teams 3 times.

Through 3 days of racing the current world champion team skippered by Jeff Madrigal has 12 points.  Ed Baird's team is 2nd with 10.  Next are a pair of younger skippers, Andrew Horton with 8 points and Mark Mendenblatt with 7.





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