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 3 June 2000 Issue # 208

By Ike Stephenson


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 Today's Sailing News 

Detroit NOODS Day 1

Day 1 of this around the buoys regatta saw 3 races sailed.  Conditions were a shifty, punishing 18 knot southerly.  Several breakages including dismastings resulted.

As of 0915 Saturday complete results were not available.  This due to pending protests.

Results from Class A which contains the larger keelboats are available.  The Hobie 33 class saw Stealth win all 3 races.  Stealth leads by 4 points.  Ihnstanity leads the J-120 fleet by 5 points after a trio of 2nd place finishes.  The Level 35's have Mr. Bill's Wild Ride ahead by 4 points with a pair of wins and a second.  Finally Level 40 is lead by Mandalay with 2 2nd's and a 1st for a 5 point lead.

Conditions for Lake St. Clair are forecast to be a little more begnin today.  Winds of 5-15 from the North are the meteorological call. 

Olympic Sailing:  Soling Selection Trials

The final spots on the team of sailors that will sail for the US at the Sydney Olympic will begin being decided today.  The Soling class Olympic sailing trials begin today.  These trials will be 100% match racing in format.

The trials will begin with three round robins.  With 8 boats in the trials, each will sail 21 matches by Tuesday.  Wednesday is a lay day.

Thursday will see the top 4 boats in the semis.  First boats to 7 wins will move to the finals.  After that will come the finals between the top 2 boats.

Coming into the regatta a form sheet would seem to show 4 teams with a solid chance at an Olympic berth.

The team of Baird/Brenner/Burnham recently won both the US Nationals and the Fleet racing qualifier for the current trials.  Ed Baird skipperd Young America in the America's Cup and is a seasoned match racer.  

The team skippered by Jeff Madrigal with Craig Healey and Hartwell Jordan as crew should be considered the favorite.  They won this years class world championship and were 2nd at last falls pre Olympic event.  Further, San Francisco Bay is their home waters.

Two other top teams feature sailors generally a bit younger than the ones listed above.  Mark Mendenblatt who finished 2nd in the Laser class trials has put together a Soling team.  Although short on match racing time, Mendenblatt is a top sailor and should be competitive.

The fourth of the top 4 teams is a trio of Andrew's all in their 20's.  Andrew Horton is the skipper with Andrew Herlihy and Andrew Buttner filling the crew spots.  They were 2nd at the recent qualifying event and have a good amount of time in their boat.

Sailing Daily will provide complete coverage of this event.

The Race:  News

Recently launched Club Med is on her first offshore voyage from Brittany France, to Cadiz Spain.  Here from 6 June Club Med will be on stand by to take a shot at the record for the Discovery Route and at the same time punch her qualifying ticket for The Race.

However, on the first nite of this voyage June 1st Club Med was shown to be a typical sailboat.  As their was little wind, the maxi cat's twin engines were started.

One of the naval architects who designed Club Med is extremely optimistic based on early sea trials: "It all depends on the weather conditions, but we think that Club Med has the potential to take the 24-hour sailing record to 700 miles (from the 580.23-mile mark set by PlayStation in March 1999). And to complete The Race in less than 2 months…"

Also in Europe is Playstation.  Before returning to New York for another go at the west to east transatlantic record, Steve Fossett plans some European record attempts.

The records he wants to own are:  English Channel Crossing, Round Isle of Wight and the Fastnet.  All these are under 2 days so could be done in short order with acceptable weather.

Finally, in England the repair of Team Phillips is coming along.  A mold had been made of the 1.5 meter gap that must be repaired to make the cat sailable.  The repair will be conducted with carbon and epoxy using a standard wet lay up.






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