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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 7 July 2000 Issue # 230

By Ike Stephenson


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Sailing Records:  Vic-Maui Record Falls

The 2308 mile course from Victoria British Columbia to Lahaina, Maui Hawaii (aka Vic Maui) has a new record holder. Grand Illusion sailed the course  in a time of 9 days 2 hours, an average of 10.59 knots and sailing record score of 282.75. This record score is superior to those of the Newport Bermuda and Sydney Hobart record holders. The record is approximately 17 hours shorter than Pyewacket's 1996 crossing.  Grand Illusion is a Santa Cruz 70.

Grand Illusion owner James Mcdowell named some record setting reasons: "Well, the weather was good and we were able to sail close to the rhumb line. The first half of the race, we didn't think we would make it, but when the trades picked up, it was just incredible. We were in 25 to 35 knots of breeze for three days straight and we were doing, like incredible miles, like 350 a day, and after two days of that, we realized we could beat the record."


Tour Voile:  Around the Buoys in Cherbourg

The 2000 Tour Voile continued with a pair of inshore races off Cherbourg France.  Conditions were of the light and tricky variety.  Winds 5 to 10 knots with current.

The first race was won by St. Raphael-Var-Gerali by 34 seconds over a British team on Easy Oars.  Third was overall leader Barlo Plastics.

Race 2 was won by Region Ile De France.  7 seconds back was Primagaz and 3rd was

Barlo Plastics maintains the overall lead with a 3rd and a 5th on the day.  Their excellent sailing is reflected in this comment: "When we were gybing against Barlo Plastics they gained one and half to two boats lengths at each gybe. So it's very difficult to catch up ", comments Bent Dietrich, skipper of the German boat Rainbow."  2nd is Cotes D' Armor which had a pair of 6th place finishes.  3rd is Region Ile De France 8th and 1st for the day.

Today the fleet of 34 Mumm 30's will spend most of the day in harbour.  At 1500 Cherbourg time they will start a 107 mile offshore race to Trebeurden.



Match Racing:  Swedish Match Cup Round Robin

On day 3 of the Swedish Match Cup in Marstrand Sweden Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker went to the front.  His 4-0 day included wins over Pace, Mohr, Wallen and Gilmour.  This raises his round robin mark to 7 wins 1 loss.

There are 5 other skippers with a shot at the semifinals.  Swede Magnus Holmberg is second @ 5-2.  Holmberg scored 3 wins yesterday.  

Three sailors are tied at 5-3.  Previous leader Dane Sten Mohr is one of them.  Thursday the wind was up to 15-18 knots and was not to Mohr's liking.  Mohr lost to  Spithill and Barker.  

Bertrand Pace and Peter Gilmour are also at 5-3.  Both Gilmour and Pace lost to Barker.  Gilmour also beat Barker.

The final skipper with a winning mark is Aussie James Spithill at 4-3.  He was 3-0.

Teams have either 3 or 4 matches remaining.  Barker seems a semi finalist.  This will leave 3 other spots for 5 skippers.  The two amongst the Tour Points lead (Gilmour and Pace) along with home standing Holmberg would seem the most likely three to fill those berths.  Still, Mohr had been in the lead and Spithill is on a role, check Sailing Daily tomorrow for results.





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