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 4 July 2000 Issue # 228

By Ike Stephenson


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Weather:  Muskegon's June Climate

The June climate in Muskegon was a 2000 1st.  For the first time temperatures were below normal.  For the month temperatures were 1.1° below normal.  This after being + 2.08° in May and + .08° in April.

For the month the average temperature was 64.5.  High for the month was 85 on Saturday the 10th.  Low was 42 on Tuesday the 6th.

Precipitation measures in at 3.07 inches, above the 2.35 inch norm.

Average wind speed was 9.8, up .2 from May.  Max peak wind speed was 17.1 on Saturday the 10th.  Minimum peak wind speed was Wednesday the 28th.

Below find a bit out of the ordinary correlation between wind direction and temperature.  Days of west wind brought no above norm Temps, which is rare.  South winds were the months only warm wind.

Dir + = - Tot
North 0 0 2 2
East 0 0 3 3
South 8 2 7 17
West 0 0 9 9

Combining temperature, precipitation and wind June in Muskegon was a bit off center climatologically.

Tour de Voile:  First Offshore Shortened

Race 1 of the Tour De Voile from Dieppe in France to Portsmouth England was shortened due to lack of wind.  Positions at a turning mark 42 miles into the race were used to score the fleet of Mumm 30's.  The race began with the boats sailing upwind at speeds of 6 to 7 knots.  However the wind died making completion of the race uncertain.

Adrian Stead of Barlo Plastics states "I'm pretty confident. I'm not sailing tomorrow. Ian Walker Olympic sailing medallist is taking my place. We're changing two or three crew just to rotate and bring some inshore specialists on the boat."  

Laurent Bregeon tactician aboard winning boat Cotes d'Armor says "But the English aboard Barlo Plastics are really good and if the race hadn't been shortened we might not have won it "

Today heavy rain and light wind in Portsmouth have the 2 scheduled inshore races under postponement. With variable winds and more heavy rain forecast the sailing of these races is no sure thing.

Podium Positions:

1.Côtes d'Armor - Vincent BIARNES - 6875 Pts
2.Saint James - Ports Manche - Pierre Alexis PONSOT – 65 Pts
3.Abalone-Canal + - AERO SERVICES - Jean-René GUILLOUX - 625 Pts

Other Notables:

9.  Barlo Plastics Adrian Stead 55 pts. Most of top scoring Admiral's Cup team sailing.
14.SEAMPLY.COM - Serge MADEC - 4875 Pts  Madec is the current west to east Atlantic record holder
15.Région Ile de France - Jimmy PAHUN - 475 Pts American Terry Hutchinson on board
23.Primagaz - Christine BRIAND - 375 Pts Skipper of EF Education in last Whitbread Race


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Swedish Match Cup Competitor list
World Rank Name CTRY Swedish Match Rank
1 Peter Gilmour  JPN  3
2  Bertrand Pacé   FRA 1
3 Dean Barker  NZL 2
4 Sten Mohr  DEN  8
5 Luc Pillot  FRA  4
6 Magnus Holmberg  SWE  12
7 Jes Gram-Hansen  DEN  15
8 Jesper Bank   DEN NR
12 Andy Beadsworth  GBR  NR
29 Hans Wallén  SWE  NR
36 James Spithill  AUS  18
58  Martin Angsell   SWE NR


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