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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 30 January 2001 Issue # 330

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: Speed

The three French built, Ollier designed Race Class cats are once
again filling the top 3 spots on the standings table. This after Team Adventure passed the fleets smallest boat Warta Polpharma.

Having the best day is Innovation Explorer having sailed 604 miles.
They are 2nd, 746 miles behind leader Club Med. 604 miles is not a bad
showing for a boat considering a stop to take on a new sail!

Skipper Loick
Peyron notes the conditions that Innovation Explorer sailed in: "Now we're off again even better than before and we've 30/35 knots of wind from the Nor'west." 

Additionally Innnovation Explorer has set her first record. They
have sailed from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Leuwin in 7 days 4 hours,
4 hours better than leader Club Med's just set record.

Club Med continues on in the lead. Next problem to solve for Club Med is approach the Cook Straits properly. The Cook Straits separate the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Skipper Grant Dalton talks about
what's next for Club Med: "The runway to New Zealand has improved a bit today although it still depends on which weather model to believe. It all depends on where the High in the Tasman decides to set up. If it drifts North East we are fine, if it comes East we are goosed. The Great Circle Route from here to the Straits takes us really close along the West Coast of the South Island. I'm looking forward to that ..." 

A losing battle with
the High Pressure could slow Club Med and take away some of her lead.

Team Adventure continues to regain the rhythm of the race after their repair stop over in Cape Town. After sailing 607 miles in 24 hours, Team Adventure dropped off to 437 miles.

Cam Lewis gives this description of their 600 mile day, 
"That's not bad mileage considering most of it has been with two reefs in the mainsail and the staysail or storm jib." He's also aware of the close racing in the Vendee Globe saying,
"Ellen MacArthur was a heck of a long way back for a long time and now she is challenging for the lead. We draw inspiration from performances like that. We carry on, with afterburners flaming!"

Warta Polpharma has slowed sailing the least amount of miles in the fleet in the last 24 hours, 260.

Team Legato still is the tail ender, but did manage one of her best days covering 341 miles in 24 hours. According to skipper Tony Bullimore, positive conditions are to continue: "Jason Owen our tactician and navigator, has just predicted that we will be having 30 knots of NW wind from tonight."

Thoughts on speed and conditions from sailors of The Race:
Franck Proffit (Club Med)"These boats have a potential of 680 or even 700 miles per day. It all depends on the sea. The boat has to be able to pass well through the water and in no way be slowed down by the waves. We have never really had the right conditions for attacking the record, and in any case it's not really foremost in our minds to go chasing records!"
Jacques Vincent (Team Adventure) "Yesterday evening we had to rig 
the storm jib because we started to go over 40 knots. It wasn't
very reasonable... We had about 36 knots of wind, we filled the aft ballasts
and the boat was holding well but at 40 knots it's not easy!"

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Today's Vendee Globe Report: Lead Change

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