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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 23 January 2001 Issue # 326

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: Team Adventure to continue

In the last 24 hours, Club Med has outsailed Innovation Explorer
to increase here lead to 778 miles.
Team Adventure being repaired in Cape
Town is still listed 3rd, 1700 miles back.

Next comes Warta Polpharma still sailing in light airs. The Polish
crew managed 224 miles, and is 2800 miles back.

Team Legato had an even less successful day, sailing 218 miles.

Club Med is sailing past the Crozet Islands keeping them to the North. The crew estimates 2.5 days to the Kerguelen Islands.

Grant Dalton is trying to stay in the best sailing window in the mid 40's latitude wise. Too far north there's not enough wind, too far south cold and icebergs.
The big picture according to Grant Dalton is as follows: "The Race  has turned into a longitude race now. Every degree of longitude represents about 46 miles at this latitude. So although on the Great Circle route Innovation Explorer is just 670 miles behind, the reality is more like 900 miles because no one can sail further South where the Great Circle route lies because of the bad weather and icebergs."

Team Adventure which had given Club Med its best test had decided to continue. However, Cam Lewis will leave Cape Town with a total of 10  people on board rather the 14 he arrived with.
Mikael Lundh has a strained neck tendon while Jeffrey Wargo was diagnosed with a compression fracture of his L1 vertebrae. Neither are
able to continue The Race.

In addition Rob Myles and Rick Deppe have decided to get off the crew for personal reasons. This leaves Team Adventure to sail on with 10. According to Cam Lewis: "Over all I am confident we can safely sail the balance of The Race. Our strategy now is to sail our boat safely to Marseilles. While we are still trying to find a place at the podium, we will be racing with perhaps a bit more caution...There are ten of us on board who firmly believe we have a chance to be in the money at the finish."

Lewis will have to adjust his watch system. His navigators 
Larry Rosenfield and Jean Yves Bernot will have to spend more time on deck.
Sailing a 110 foot Race Class cat with only 10 just adds to the challenge.

The challenge for Club Med is to sail fast and safe and enjoy  their lead. Innovation Explorer battles on. According to a report from
the French cat: "Yet no rest forseen: when the wind went slightly slack, mid afternoon, the mainsail was pulled down once again to replace 2 more broken battens (we are up to 4 breaks at the moment). It was a long, and tiring job that kept most busy until quite after dark." The two
vintage big try to escape light airs and sail the mileage worthy of
their past status as record breakers.

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 Today's Sailing News 

DN Iceboat News

When December proved a record month of snowfall, midwestern ice boaters were limited in their sailing. Snow and iceboats don't mix. 

Now January has been relatively free of snow. Ice has had the snow melter
off and has been refroze to where it is usable.

This weekend 60 DN's took to Gull Lake for the Central Lake  Regional Championship. 7 races were sailed in 2 days.

The fleet was split into Gold and Silver groups. The Gold fleet had 29 entries, Silver 31.

Two racers in the Gold Fleet stood out. Gregory Smith was the winner with 10 points. He was 1st in races 1,4 and 6. Finishing only 2
points back was Jan Gougeon winner of races 2 and 5.

It was a few points back to 3rd place which was secured by Matt Struble and his 28 points.

Ron Sherry who finished 6th after a pair of DNS' won races 3 and 7.

The battle for 1st in the Silver fleet was not as close. Raymond Croasdale won with 9 points. He was 1st in races 1,4 and 7. He had only a single race out of the top 2.
2nd was Erik Ryan with 17 points and back to back wins in races 2 and 3. 3rd was Vince Labozzetta who also won back to back races (5&6).

Complete results are at:

The Eastern region DN regatta was held in Barnaget Bay, NJ.

There was only a bit of wind with only 3 races sailed.

 From Canada
was 1st with 6 points. 2nd was Bob Schumacher and 3rd Don Brush.

Earlier, the 6th and 7th of January saw the DN Western Region Regatta sailed on the Bay of Green Bay near Menominee MI/Marinette WI.

Jan Gougeon was the Gold fleet winner by 5 points over Meade Gougeon. 4 races were sailed by the Gold fleet in generally light air.

The Silver fleet was won by Rick Kallman by 5 points over Mike Derusha with Jim Gluek 3rd.

Times Clipper Update

Leg 5 is  from the Galapagos Islands to Hawaii, 4100 miles.

Leg 5 Results Overall Points/Standing
1. Plymouth Clipper 2nd 30 points +1 spot 
2. Bristol Clipper 1st, 34 points no change
3. London Clipper 3rd 30 points -1 spot
4. Liverpool Clipper 6th 15 points + 1 spot
5. Jersey Clipper 5th 21 points no change
6. Portsmouth Clipper 4th 25 points no change 
7. Glasgow Clipper 8th 11 points no change
8. Leeds Clipper 7th 14 points -1 spot



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