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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 20January 2001 Issue # 324

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race:  To the east

Fleet leader Club Med has reached Eastern Longitude. Club Med has a 551 mile over Innovation Explorer after sailing 453 miles in
the last 24 hours a fleet high.

Club Med is continuing to battle the Southern Ocean. Sometimes the ocean and its forces win as Grant Dalton describes: "We had a sail go over the aft beam on a wave. It was tied on but a wave just blew up through the net and launched it over the stern. It took out all the lifelines and push pits. We recovered it but the boat looks like a battleground right now." Other times crew and boat seem to be winning: "We are sailing with a reefed mainsail and a small asymmetric spinnaker. This sail is perfect. It is the same size as a Whitbread 60 storm kite. It is something we had made especially and we are all very happy with it. It is allowing us to sail deep and remain in control. It is keeping us safe"

Warta Polpharma struggled to a 203 mile day the smallest 24 hour total in the fleet.

Team Legato made good 322 miles, but trails Club Med by 2767 miles.
Skipper Tony Bullimore still sounds an optimistic note: "Of course, we're a long way from the head of the race but the misadventures of PlayStation and Team Adventure make us think that as soon as we finally pick up some fair winds, we could come back into the race a bit. In our minds we're still in the race."

Team Adventure is on course for a pit stop in Cape Town. Her 2 injured crew will be taken to a hospital for thorough checkups. Team
Adventure will undergo repairs. Best case scenario is for the job to take
48 hours.

Skipper Cam Lewis still feels good about his chances in The Race.
He states: "It has been my main mission to compete in and complete The Race for a long time. Victory may not be easy. Last night as the team discussed our situation we feel we are like The Tortoise and Hare; there is still hope. For all of you that have been loyal fans and supporters, thank you and please keep the good wishes and go get 'ems coming our way. Every positive vibe is a boost to our moral!"

Sailing Daily will provide an update on Monday on Team Adventure's repairs. With the unpredictability of The Race to date and the boat 
speed Team Adventure has shown, they are not yet eliminated.


Times Clipper Update

Leg 5 is  from the Galapagos Islands to Hawaii, 4100 miles.

Leader: Plymouth Clipper by 31 miles

Best 24 Hour Run: London Clipper 220 miles 

Position: Leaders should finish Tomorrow

Current Weather: NE 20-30 knots in the north Lighter in the south

Weather Forecast: Similar conditions

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Today's Vendee Globe Report:    The Cycle

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CLASS 1A-IMS (9 boats) - Esmeralda (Farr 50), Makoto Uematsu, Newport,
R.I., 1-1-2-1-7-6-4-1, 23. 
CLASS 1B-PHRF 1 (9 boats) -- Chessie Racing (Farr 52), George Collins,
Gibson Island, Md., 1-2-2-1-2-5-2-3, 18.
CLASS 1C-PHRF 2 (11 boats)- Strabo (J/145), Marty Fisher, Annapolis, Md.,
4-2-1-4-3-2-1-7, 24.
CLASS 1D-ID35 (20 boats) - Joss, Owen Kratz, Houston, Tex.,
2-7-3-1-2-3-6-5, 29.
CLASS 1E-PHRF 3 (14 boats) -- Tiburon (Melges 30 OB), Michael T. Gray,
Metairie, La., 1-1-1-3-2-1-1-9, 17.
CLASS 1F1-PHRF 4 (10 boats) -- The Wall (Mumm 36), Gordon Shiff, Tampa,
Fla., 2-2-1-3-2-7-1-1, 19.
CLASS 1F2-PHRF 5 (9 boats) -- Claddagh (N/M 40), L. Fallon/J. Flanagan,
Marblehead, Mass., 4-1-1-1-1-3-1-10 (DNC), 22.

CLASS A-PHRF 6 (8 boats) - Abbey Normal (B-32), Jeffrey Gale, Hope Town,
Abaco, 2-1-1-5-2-2-1-2, 16.
CLASS B-PHRF 7 (9 boats) -- Family Wagon (Custom 27), Richard A. Hallett,
Casco Bay, Maine, 3-2-4-2-5-3-4-2, 25.
CLASS C-PHRF 8 (8 boats) - Savage (C&C 34), Alan D. Townsley, Palisades,
N.Y., 2-2-2-3-4-1-1-1, 16.
CLASS D-J/80 (25 boats) - 352, Kerry Klingler, Larchmont, N.Y.,
1-1-1-1-12-10-1-1, 28.
CLASS E-PHRF 9 (15 boats) - Dream Cookie (Tripp 26), Peter DeBeukelaer,
Jackson, Miss., 1-2-1-3-1-2-1-3, 14.
CLASS 5-PHRF 10 (10 boats) - Rugger (S2 7.9), John and Jeff Sampson,
Detroit, Mich., 1-2-3-4-3-3-4-1, 21.

CLASS A-MELGES 24 (59 boats) - Zenda Express, Harry Melges, Zenda, Wis.,
1-1-10-14-3-1-1-1, 32.
CLASS B-J/105 (25 boats) - Tern V, Robert Johnstone, Charleston, S.C.,
7-2-4-4-8-2-3-3, 34.
CLASS C-J/29 (17 boats) - Samson, Brandon and Cindy Flack, Stonington, Conn., 2-1-5-2-4-5-1-9, 29.

CLASS A-FARR 40 (37 boats) - Atalanti XI, George Andreadis, Athens, Greece,
1-5-8-22-5-23-2-1, 67.
CLASS B-MUMM 30 (31 boats) - Turbo Duck, B&N von der Wense, Annapolis, Md.,
1-3-9-4-4-3-4-12, 40.



 Today's Sailing News 

Key West: Final  Report

The final race for all classes at Key West featured the best  conditions of the week. After 4 days of light air, the week concluded with classic Key West conditions featuring winds of 13-20 knots from the SE rather than the light northerlies they had been sailing in.

For the second straight year Atalanti XI XI claimed victory in the Farr 40 class. This year Atalanti's XI team claimed victory by leading the final race from the start. 

Their final race win gave them a 2 point victory over Pegasus. By finishing 9th, Pegasus clinched the USA's Admiral's cup berth. Her
competitor Barking Mad could forge a tied by winning Saturday's distance race. However, Pegaus would win the tiebreaker by virtue
of a boat for boat edge.

In addition to the Farr 40 class title, Atalanti XI XI won the Boat of the week award. This award goes to the boat that wins the closest and most competitive class.

The J-105's saw Robert Johnstone hold onto 1st by the slimmest of margins. He finished 3rd in the final race, with defending champion
Plum Cray 2nd. 

Another close group was Division 2's PHRF 7. Here the lead changed hands on Friday. Family Wagon finished 2nd to end the week
with 25 points. Whacko the Sovrel 33 that had led placed 5th and ended up 2 points back. Muskegon's Carumba finished on a high note with
a 3rd place. They were only 4 points out of 1st and 1 point out of 3rd.

The Farr 52 Chessie Racing kept their lead in PHRF 1 with a 3rd  place. Bill Alcott's Santa Cruz 70 Equation won the final race and moved
into 2nd ahead of Magnitude.
The lone IMS class also saw a last day lead change. The Farr 50 Esmeralda corrected to 1st place, with Virago 2nd. This put them level at 23 points. However, Esmeralda's 4 1st places gave them the class win on tiebreaker.

Other class winners are recognized to the left. To win they all sailed 
8 races and did not have the option of discarding their worst score.

BT Challenge Update

Racing will resume 18 February with Leg 4 from Wellington New Zealand to
Sydney, Australia. The 5 weeks will give time for the boats to have
thorough checkups after this Southern Ocean Leg. Daily updates will resume when Leg 4 starts.

Overall Standings
. 1. LG FLATRON 43 
2. Compaq 37
3. Quadstone 36
4. Olympic Group 29
5. BP 28
6. Logica 28 
7. Spirit of Hong Kong 28 
8. Isle of Man 27
10. Team Spirit 24
11. Norwich Union 19
12. Save the Children 15



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