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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 18 January 2001 Issue # 322

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race:  Team Adventure damaged

Yesterday Team Adventure suffered structural damage. After surfing off a wave, the fairing at the forward starboard side of the main beam delaminated. The area also suffered some outer skin and core damage.

This part of the fairing had already been reinforced with scantlings allowing 15 tones per m_ of pressure to be supported, after a similar incident happened to Club Med.

Due to the fact that it would not be safe to sail the Southern Ocean with this damage Team Adventure will sail 1000 miles to Cape Town to make repairs.

They will be met by technicians from Multiplast Boat Yard. Skipper
Cam Lewis says, "we are determined to press on and get back in The Race."
Additionally 2 of Team Adventure's crew were injured. The damage to 
crew and boat occurred as Team Adventure's bows buried and the boat came to a dramatic halt. Mikael Lundh was injured in a fall crossing the trampoline. He suffered a sprained neck and he is resting in his bunk. Jeffrey Wargo suffered a bruised pelvis, when he was thrown forward in the galley. He is also resting in his bunk.

It should take 3 days to reach Cape Town. It's uncertain how long repairs will take.

While Team Adventure heads to port, 4 other continue to race. Club
Med continues to lead. They have covered 539 miles. The next boat still racing is Innovation Explorer 725 miles back.

Club Med Skipper Grant Dalton has these comments on the incident: "I knew that the pace was too fast and so I was vindicated...and I hope the two crew injured are OK. These boats and this part of the world can bite you hard. One moment of inattention or a poor attitude and lack of respect and you will get into real trouble."

With less competition Club Med will slow down and perhaps sail a more northerly route. They hope to have a 1000 mile lead by the Cook Straits. This would allows them a stopover with the mandatory 48 hour penalty if necessary.


Times Clipper Update

Leg 5 is  from the Galapagos Islands to Hawaii, 4100 miles.

Leader: Plymouth Clipper by 46 miles

Best 24 Hour Run: London Clipper 232 miles 

Position: Leaders should finish this weekend

Current Weather: NE 20-30 knots

Weather Forecast: Getting lighter.

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Today's Vendee Globe Report:    The Cycle

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Weekly Water Level Update

Reference Point Inches
Chart Datum -10
December 19 2000 -1
January 19 2000 -6
Long Term Avg. -23
Record High -56
Record Low +7
Forecast for February 19 2001 -1

Data Courtesy Detroit District Corps of Engineers



 Today's Sailing News 

Key West: Day 3 Report

The fleet of racers at Key West got back on schedule. Although winds  were under 10 knots and shifts often huge, the necessary races were sailed. They now have sailed 7 of the 8 scheduled races. 

With only 1 race today to conclude action, teams have one final chance to make a decisive move. If the goal is to lead when the racing is finished, then leading
going into the last race can't be all bad. It must at least run a close second.

This report will focus on some the close classes where indeed  today's final race should be decisive.

In the fleet's lone IMS class early leader Esmeralda now is in 2nd by 1 point to Virago with Idler only another point back. With 3 wins Esmeralda would win any tiebreakers.

PHRF class I has a close battle between the Farr 52 Chessie Racing and Magnitude an Andrew turbo ULDB. Chessie has a 3 point lead.

Division 2's PHRF 7 class is as close as can be. It's led by the Soverel 33 Whacko, with Family Wagon a point back then Phaeda with
Muskegon's Carumba 4th. Carmuba won race 7. 3 of the 4 have been race winners so it's possible the order could change after today.

The Melges 24 class could have been close. However, for the 2nd  time Zenda Express skippered by Harry Melges won 2 races in a day and
leads by 11 points.

Closest class in Division 3 is the J 105's. Robert Johnstone
leads by 3 points over defending champion Plum Crazy.

In the ferociously competitive Farr 40 class Phillipe Kahn's Pegasus leads by 6 points. With the wild swing in finishes in this class, that is
not a safe lead.

Pegasus leads its competition for the US Admirals Cup berth Barking
Mad by 39 points.

So for certain boats today will be a matter of which trophy they take home. For others it'll be their last race before they pack up and head back to winter.

BT Challenge Update

Racing will resume 18 February with Leg 4 from Wellington New Zealand to
Sydney, Australia. The 5 weeks will give time for the boats to have
thorough checkups after this Southern Ocean Leg. Daily updates will resume when Leg 4 starts.

Overall Standings
. 1. LG FLATRON 43 
2. Compaq 37
3. Quadstone 36
4. Olympic Group 29
5. BP 28
6. Logica 28 
7. Spirit of Hong Kong 28 
8. Isle of Man 27
10. Team Spirit 24
11. Norwich Union 19
12. Save the Children 15



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