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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 4 January 2001 Issue # 314

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: 2 fleets

Currently The Race is composed of 2 fleets.  3 boats compose the racing fleet, while 3 boats compose the repairing fleet.

The racing fleet is led by Team Adventure by 28 miles over Club Med and 91 over Innovation Explorer.

These boats have been making slow progress sailing in 5-7 knots winds on the nose.

They are searching for winds that should fill from the west.  Team Adventure farthest to the west should benefit first.

Best performance in the last 24 hours is Innovation Explorer at 225 miles.

The repair fleet is led by Playstation.  The fleets largest boat will leave Gibraltar today after a 48 hour stop.  Due to the light winds the racing fleet has sailed through Playstation's losses should be minimal.

Warta Polpharma has arrived in Gibraltar to have their satellite communication gear fixed.  Since this gear was provided by The Race they will receive a time credit for their stop.

Team Legato is moving towards Gibraltar under main only, they still have 125 miles to go.

According to leading skipper Cam Lewis the next 2 days will be testing: "The next two days are tricky as we claw our way towards the trade winds. Luckily for us the monster swells of the previous night have diminished and the road we are on is smoothing out making for some faster sailing."

  BT Challenge Update

Leg 3 is  Buenos Aries to  Wellington New Zealand via Cape Horn.  

Leader: Isle of Man by 5 miles

Best 24 Hour Run: Compaq 165 miles

Position:  South Pacific nearing 140 latitude

Current Weather: Force 6  West

Weather Forecast: West then NW force 7 to 8




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Today's Vendee Globe Report:   Fast day

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 Today's Sailing News 

Today's Cam-Gram Quote 

Team Adventure skipper Cam Lewis is not just a world class sailor he's also one of the best sailing writers around.  He's writes daily reports/Cam-Grams from his Race Class cat. Here's an excerpt from today's: "I am now sailing one of the worlds most technically-advanced partially- earthbound carbon fiber structures on the planet (we try to keep half of it in space as much as possible). Fully loaded with everything, and everybody, in around the world departure trim, this cat weights the same as the ballast bulb on an Americas Cup boat! I am not exactly sure how much of our total weight is in raw carbon fiber but my guess is 7 or 8 tons. We have a carbon fiber sail, the mast is carbon, the boom is carbon, the desk I am typing at is carbon."

These excellent pieces are available at Team Adventure's website and are highly recommended sailing reading.

Team Adventure, leader of The Race

Times Clipper Update

Leg 5 is  from the Galapagos Islands to Hawaii, 4100 miles.

Leader: London Clipper by 11 miles

Best 24 Hour Run: London Clipper 218 miles 

Position:  Sailing along the equator heading west

Current Weather: Moderate SSE winds

Weather Forecast: Find wind and current to succeed















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