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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 7 February 2001 Issue # 335

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: New 24 Hour Record

After a short period of not holding the 24 hour sailing record Club Med has emphatically reclaimed the record. Club Med has been sailingin the Pacific Ocean with 30-35 knots of SW wind at an angle of 130.

Club Med has reported a succession of record breaking 24 hour runs.
These figures started at 631.7 and then went up 634.7,634.8,641.8,642.4 and finally 652.4 miles! This final figure gives an average speed of 27.18

Skipper Grant Dalton was low keyed about this series of  achievements: "It all started at about 8 or 9 GMT yesterday. Its been relatively easy, record breaking weather, the angle was right and the sea state reasonable. Another important factor according to Dalton is the fact that Club Med is lighter due to reduced levels of stores and fuel.

They changed sails only once. As the wind decreased all hands 
set a full main and solent jib in 18 miles.

Sailing at 57 south, icebergs were a factor. Once again Grant
Dalton, "Once on my last watch we sailed past a big iceberg, to leeward. There just wasn't time to alter course upwards to pass to windward. Ed Danby was steering so I went to the mast and, like a traffic warden, waved my arms to indicate which way I wanted Ed to turn to avoid the 'bergy bits'. Directing traffic at 32 knots in the Southern Ocean - a lot of fun..."

This series of runs has increased Club Med's lead to 826 miles.

Innovation Explorer has not given up on another record saying:"We will have another go as soon as we find ourselves in favorable conditions again."

Team Adventure continues in 3rd and is now back up to Race Class cat speed. Remember though 566 miles in 24 hours is nearly 100 under the record! Sunday Team Adventure expects to be in the Cook Straits.

Team Legato has again outpaced Warta Polpharma at the back of the
fleet. Team Legato's 24 hour distance: 437, to Warta's 224.

Times Clipper Update

Today marks the return of Sailing Daily's Times Clipper Update. The 8 boat fleet has left Hawaii for to sail west across the Pacific, off one side of the map and to the finish on the maps other side in Yokohama Japan. 

The leg will see some trade winds sailing to begin with. Then a crossing of the International date line. This will switch the longitude  line on their GPS displays to east.

The distance for this leg is 3750 miles. As a reference point  the outright record for this route is held by Steve Fossett sailing a
60 foot trimaran. His time 16 days an average of 11.29 knots. The fleet of Clipper mono hulls is expected to arrive in around 20 days or so.

Today's Fleet Update:

Leader: Portsmouth Clipper by 7 miles

Best 24 Hour Run: Leeds Clipper 200 miles 

Position: Fleet spread from 20 to 22 degrees north latitude a spread of 124

Current Weather: Force 5 NE

Weather Forecast: Stronger winds to the North.

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Today's Vendee Globe Report 

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 Today's Sailing News 

Cam Gram Quote

Team Adventure skipper Cam Lewis is not just a world class sailor 
he's also one of the best sailing writers around. He's writes daily reports/Cam-Grams from his Race Class cat. Here's an excerpt from today's: 
Excerpt A: "No stopping up the rivers out here, and as far as conservation and preservation, we are doing are part. Just laying down some biodegradable tracks and keeping every bit of trash on the boat. Toilet paper, compost and other paper excluded."

Excerpt B: "The blue boat sent us a message saying that they saw a 
mother of an iceberg today (that must be Kiwi-speak for ginormous.)"

Montego Bay Race News

Sagamore ended this 800 mile ocean race with line honors. They
had battled with Pyewacket the entire length of the course.

Near the end of the race Pyewacket retired as owner Roy Disney had a business engagement that could not wait.

Sagamore crossed the line at 1805 Tuesday nite. Zephyrus was next
to finish 51 minutes later. 
Sagamore's time was 4 days 18 hours 5 minutes and 39 seconds. The
race record remains 3 days 3 hours.

The line honors winner did not fare well on corrected time. 
Sagamore finished 5th out of 5 in the IMS class. IMS corrected time winner was Carrera a Farr 60.

Trader the Andrews 70 was the PHRF Class A corrected time winner 
over Grins an Andrews 68.



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