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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 5 February 2001 Issue # 333

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race: Weekend News

The weekend for The Race Fleet began with Club Med 458 miles
ahead of Innovation Explorer. Club Med had completed the Cook Straits passage, while Innovation Explorer was inbound.

For Club Med the detour through New Zealand waters was not lucky.
Skipper Grant Dalton explains: "Then as evening came on we parked and boy, did we park. We could see the same headland and lighthouse for 12 hours and in one four hour watch we did six miles."
This after Innovation Explorer has broken Club Med's 24 hour record.
Grant Dalton also noted this: "Good on them, records are made to be broken, but it really annoys me. We'll have to do something about that on the way to the finish."

In addition to pure sailing matters for Innovation Explorer there was the matter of whether to make a 48 hour pit stop. Word was they  could stop and pick up a new sail and dagger board. 

Sunday morning Innovation Explorer decided: "The Race continues." From Innovation Explorer came some of the basis for their decision: "It's certain that now we have a dagger board shorter on one side but the skippers and the crew unanimously believe that they can finish The Race with the dagger board in this state." Club Med's lead had grown to 657 miles.

As it turns out talk of a pit stop was more strategic than anything. It was a ruse by Loick Peyron to entice Grant Dalton into making a similar
stop. Then Innovation Explorer would keep going, while Club Med would be committed to 48 hours in port. 

In the end Grant Dalton comments: "Finally, the Cook Straits cost us 
170 miles." This morning the lead of Club Med is 680 miles.

Expect the leaders to swallow up gobs of some of the most desolate
water on earth. Around 6 days is the expected passage time.

Grant Dalton has a Pacific Ocean strategy ready: "In the Indian, you  try to avoid the South. In the Pacific, you have to go down there, and shorten the route to the Horn" 

Still in 3rd place nearing Cape Leuwin is Team Adventure. Their
512 miles in 24 hours is actually superior to the Race Class cats ahead.
Skipper Cam Lewis remains excited and optimistic: "Now we are 
surfing the big ones at 30-knots-plus. We are under control and enjoying the south once again, after a few days of mumbo jumbo junk seas and winds. We're getting ready for a 650-mile day soon!" 

Team Adventure navigator Larry Rosenfield muses: I never thought the Indian Ocean would be this big...There are still 3,600
miles to go to New Zealand's Cook Strait. That's further away than the width of the Atlantic Ocean."

The two vintage maxi cats both sailed nearly 400 miles in 24 hours. Team Leagato is now 1194 miles from Warta Polpharma.

The two boat Pacific Ocean fleet will battle at high rates of speed. Sailing alone, Team Adventure will see if she can continue to post
her typically fabulous speed. In the rear Team Legato has a chance to escape tail end status as the Southern Ocean sailing continues.

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Today's Vendee Globe Report 

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 Today's Sailing News 

Montego Bay Race News

The Montego Bay Race started Friday off Port Everglades Florida.
Temperatures were warm and the fleet began with a reach into the Gulf

The race is sailed every other year. 12 of the 17 entries are maxi
boats attempting to break the course record one of the oldest in sailing.

Pyewacket has been in the lead from the start. 2nd has been  Sagamore. However, the course record set in 1971 appears safe. A mix
of weather conditions have slowed anyone from record pace.

Zephyrus which set several records in 2000 is 3rd, with Magnitude
4th and Blue Yankee 5th.

The J 145 Strabo has withdrawn after hitting a reef. The Key West
Race week PHRF Boat of the week has made port in Nassau, Bahamas.

J 24 Midwinters

51 boats including 9 from the host Davis Island Yacht Club completed
7 races. This after a lack of wind and rain saw racing cancelled on

Winning by a solid margin was Tim Healey and his crew on Blind
Squirrel. Until the final race they had no finish lower than 4th. In
the final race they were 8th. Along the way they also won races 2 &6. Their margin of victory was 11 points.

2nd was Pipe Dream skippered by Ralph Devivo, with 33 points. Pipe Dreams best finishes were a pair of 2's in races 2 and 3.

The final podium spot was taken by Twins with Waldemar Zaleski as
skipper. Twins was the race 4 winner, but began with a pair of double 
digit finishes and eventually ended up 25 points out of 1st.

Other race winners were: Patriot Race 1, Pee Wee Race 3, USA 3145
race 5 and Chuck Wagon Race 7.

Top boat from the host club was Preparation J skippered by Bill
Icely. Top finish was a 4th in race 3.

J 24's in the Great Lakes can look forward to the annual J 24 spring
regatta in Muskegon 19-20 May. 


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