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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 8 December 2000 Issue # 301

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

Year End Awards

The canting keel equipped Schock 40 won the overall Sailing World Boat of
the Year award. The South African built Shearwater 45 receive the Crusing
World overall boat of the year award.

One of the judges who selected the Shearwater had this to say: ""You look down, she's traditional; look up in the rig or under the waterline, she's modern." 

About the Schock 40 a judge said, "The Schock 40 goes to weather with the fastest 40s and when it turns the corner, in some conditions, will pace a 70-foot sled." 

The British Nautical awards combine many forms of boating into one list of awards. Nominees have been announced. A 10 member judging panel will select winners to be announced at the London Boat Show 5 January 2001.

Among the nominees are: Ellen Macarthur, Adrian Stead, Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy and Shirley Robertson for Yachtsman of the year.

Ellem Macarthur, Emma Richards and Adrian Stead for offshore yachtsman of the year.

Rod Carr, Tim Davison, Lindsey Neve and the Kingfisher Design team for the Sunseeker Endeavour award.

For the Yachting World Sailboat of the, judges will chose from the following boats: Moody 54, Laser Funboat and laser Vortex. 

Times Clipper 2000: Leg 3

Leg 3 of the Times Clipper is coming complete. Leg 3 has taken the Clipper fleet from Cuba to Panama.

Bristol Clipper has won this 1000 mile leg by 36 minutes over Liverpool Clipper. London Clipper was 3rd.

The other Clippers are in stuck to the sea mode, sailing in light
winds. These 5 look to have another day to fight for places before finishing.

BT Challenge Leg 3

This weekend will see the start of Leg 3 from Buenos Aries Argentina. By virtue of sailing the world west about, they will see Cape Horn this leg. Sailing east about as the Vendee Globe fleet is, Africa's Cape of Good Hope is normally the 1st.

With the finish in Wellington New Zealand, the leg measures 6020 miles. The first 1400 miles will be down the South American coast to Cape Horn.

After that its through the Southern Ocean to New Zealand and a 5 week break before the next leg to Sydney, Australia.

Crystal Cup

The 1st day of racing for this inaugural sailing of this event saw 2 races completed. Windward/leeward courses were sailed in 10-15 knots of east breeze.

The Andrews 68 Magnitude won the big boat class twice. George Collins Farr 52 posted a pair of 2nds. The 1992 vintage IAAC class sloop carrying a PHRF # of -117 finished 3rd in both races.

In Class B the wins were split between the S&S 48 Harrier and the J 145 Stabo.

Class C was a Tartan 10 and a J 120 each won a race. 

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Today's Vendee Globe Report:   Kingfisher sees first iceberg

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 Today's Sailing News 

2001 Lake Michigan Sailing Calendar

'Tis the season to be compiling the 2001 Lake Michigan Sailing Calendar. This publication is in its 3rd season. It attempts to cover events of interest to sailors on the Great Lakes. Generally it starts with the Strictly Sail Boat show and carries through to fall racing.

The summer fixtures such as the Queens Cup, Mackinac races etc. are generally easy to pin down. Events that aren't easy to identify are one design class championships. For instance last year saw the 210 Class championships at Gull Lake, 1999 the J 24 North Americans in Chicago. These events can be difficult to include as the venue shifts each year.

If you know of a one design class that is holding a championship regatta on the Great Lakes in 2001, we need to hear from you.

Submit events you know about via email to

The Race: 23 days to the start

Team Philips has announced a new 6th crew member. He is Richard Tudor age 41 from North Wales, UK. Tudor has twice circumnavigated as a skipper in the BT challenge around the world race. He has sailed at both extremes of
the planet from 80 degrees North (above Spitzbergen)
down to 60 degrees South. He has been onboard throughout the current days of sea trials.

From Team Philips Pete Goss reports good things are happening for the big blue twin rigged cat. According to Goss, "The last six days, which have at times been long and tiring, have left us feeling a satisfying glow of pride. There is a long way to go, but she feels safe."

Goss feels Team Philips has great speed potential. However, he is setting low expectations for The Race: "It will be done in a seamanlike manner and be perceived as a part of our work up with a view to bigger and better things once we have got round."

The crew has gained time with some of Team Philips features. A downwind reef was made simple by the twin rigs. The sheet was eased the rig weathercocked and a reef was taken. The wave piercing bows are proving effective, submerging themselves as designed and smoothing the ride.

Goss has determined more crew could be onboard for The Race saying, "Crew numbers are open to review, but I am mulling over taking eight for The RACE.

The same heavy weather that Team Philips is sailing is delaying progress of other teams to the Med.. Team Legato has been waiting out weather in England delaying her first sea trial.

Team Adventure has been wind bound in Cherbourg France. Departure for The Med at the earliest today.

Playstation has tested its new 125 foot layout. Reports are good, with the Cuben Fibre sails coming off for a visit to the loft and old sails being used for the delivery. Should depart England today.

Warta-Polpharma is still in France dealing with a new rig. No departure until at least Sunday.


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