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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 7 December 2000 Issue # 300

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

The Race:  24 days to the start

Code 1 has arrived in the Mediterranean from France. The boat was well tested on its voyage and arrived in good order. The boat will take on a new name Innovation Explorer while perhaps awaiting the name of a sponsor on the side.

Club Med is currently in Barcelona Spain where the start will occur @ 1415
on 31 December. Grant Dalton's maxi cat is undergoing a final check before leaving for Monaco on Monday.

Team Philips is in the high north latitudes on sea trials. Position approximately 600 miles from Greenland. Today, the twin rigged maxi maran will begin to head south. It is believe that Pete Goss and crew will sail directly to Monte Carlo.

The other British entry Team Legato has sea trials scheduled for today. Then a voyage to the Prologue. 

Team Adventure is in France eying the weather. When acceptable conditions appear they will be off to Monaco.

The boats have less than a week before to sail to Monte Carlo. Wednesday the 13th is the deadline they must meet.

On Sunday the 17th will be the Prologue race from Monte Carlo to Barcelona. This will be the first competition between Race Class Catamarans.

SD 300: A look back

In honor of Sailing Daily's 300th Issue a look at Issues 100 & 200 (opposite column).

Issue 100:  30 November 1999.  On Team Philips: "Team Phillips is a novel and non traditional solution.  Often time new concepts like Team Phillips have reliability issues which will be fatal in The Race. "

First a broken bow, then mast problems have made Team Philips progression slow.

America's Cup: "America One continues two boat testing.  In a recent test they went as far as 19 miles offshore, and sailed in 20 to 30 knot winds. "

Fortunately when USA 61's keel fell off Oracle Racing was Closer to shore.

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Today's Vendee Globe Report:  Breakaway Pack

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 Today's Sailing News 

College Sailing (N)orth (E)ast (W)est (S)outh Notes

Timme Angsten Regatta: Sailed over Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago in
420's. 17 races were sailed. Each team had an entry in both A&B division. 
Scores of both divisions are combined to rank teams. The Naval Academy dominated with only a single finish out of the top 4, this a DSQ. They won A division by 19 points, and B division by 43 points.
Their team total was 70 better than 2nd place Boston U. 3rd was Wisconsin
which won the last 2 races in A division to edge another Midwest team, Michigan
for 3rd place. Queens University ranked 10th finished 10th of 17th.

Navy's winning team was:
Travis Weber '02, (1-17)
Emmy Spencer '02, (1-17)
Parker Garrett '01, (1-17)
Dave Fassel '01, (1-17)

Sloop Championships: These were sailed in Bay St. Louis Mississippi in Flying Scots. Winning by 15 points was Harvard. Charleston was 2nd, with ODU 3rd.

Single Handed Championships: Seattle Wa saw 16 men and 16 women race in Laser's for their respective single handed titles. 

The men's regatta was as tight as could be. Bruce Mahoney of Texas won
with 82 points. He finished 5th in the final race to hold off Bernard Lutmer of Queens who was a point back. A final race 10th cost Tal Ingram of Hobart William Smith a win in this regatta.

The women's was also close. Margaret Gill of Harvard edged out a pair of sailors from St. Mary's College. Gill was extremely consistent with only 2 finishes out of the top 10.

At the end of the fall season, the Sailing World rankings are as follows:
1 Harvard (2) +1 
2 Hobart/WmSmith (5) + 3
3 Old Dominion (6) +3
4 Kings Point (7) +3
5 Tufts (3) -2
6 Charleston (10) + 4
7 Queen's (1) -6


SD 300: A look back

Issue 200 22 May 2000

Star World Championships: "Mark Reynolds and Magnus Liljerdahl clinched victory by 15 points...With a win at the Worlds Mark Reynolds will enter the Sydney games as the Star class favorite."

They added a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Sydney

America's Cup: "Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth have quit Team New Zealand. "

They now will sail for a Swiss challenge which has now been officially accepted.


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