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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 1 December 2000 Issue # 297

By Ike Stephenson

 Today's Sailing News 

Match Racing: Women's World Championship

Yesterday was another day of round robin racing.  This round robin sees each of the 8 teams sail 7 matches.  Top 4 become semi finalists.

2 teams are undefeated after 5 races.  Defending champion Dorte Jensen won all 5 races including a comeback win over Hannah Swet's team.  Jensen trailed by as much as 14 seconds, but won by 10 seconds.

Sweden's Marie Bjorling gained one of her victories by just 3 seconds over Betsy Alison.

Alone in 2nd place is Alison.  Although she has lost to Jensen and Bjorling she turned a 14 second deficit against Hanah Swet's team into an 8 second win.

Tied with 2 points are Swet's team along with Shirley Robertson's group.

Robertson holds an edge on Swett in the form of a 9 second victory.  Swett's team scored one of their victories over Bermuda's Paul Lewin by 30 seconds.

Each team has 3 matches remaining.  With the closeness of racing these races will determine the 4 teams that survive and advance.

The Race:  30 days to the start

As the final month of countdown begins, Code 1 is at sea off Spain on her qualifying voyage.

Team Philips is in England penned in by gales.  When they abate more sea trials and a qualifying voyage.  A 6th crew will be named in the next week.

Today is the official naming ceremony for Team Legato in Bristol England.  At this ceremony the crew will be announced.

Once The Race starts there will be an 80 foot safety boat amongst them.  The boat will be the maxi monohull formerly known as Merit.

On board will be a doctor, divers and a rescue zodiac.

First destination is  between Cape Town and the Kerguelen Islands, in the track of the boats of The Race.  Then New Zealand without passing through the Cook Straits.  The boat will trail the fleet by 4-5 days.  Then Cape Horn 9 to 10 days behind the competitors. Finally, she will sail back up the Atlantic normally behind the fleet.

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Today's Vendee Globe Report:  Racing to the Westerlies

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Weekly Water Level Update

Reference Point Inches
Chart Datum -6
November 1 2000 -3
December 1 2000 -6
Long Term Avg. -22
Record High -59
Record Low +9
Forecast for January 1 2001 -3

Data Courtesy Detroit District Corps of Engineers

World Match Racing Rankings

Issued 21 November after the Grade 1 Nippon Cup

1 Dean Barker +1
2 Sten Mohr + 1
3 Peter Gilmour +3
4 Magnus Holmberg =
5 Bertrand Pace -4
6 Jesper Bank -1
7 Jesper Radich Johansen +1
8 James Spithill -1
9 Andy Green =
10= Jes Gram Hansen =
10= Luc Pillot +1

 Today's Sailing News 

November 2000 WX in Muskegon

In most measurable aspects November was an above normal month in Muskegon.

Temperatures for the month were .3 above norm.  Warmest was 70 on the 1st.  Coolest 22 on the 22nd.  A warm month was foreshadowed by the first 9 days when temperatures were almost 6 above normal.

The amount of rain received in November was 3.58 inches, 13% above the normal rainfall.  

The snowfall was the most above normal aspect as we received 11.7 inches, 26% or 3 inches above normal snowfall.

November's average wind speed was 10.0 knots.  November 1999 was slightly above this at 10.2 knots.  The historic average is 10.6 knots meaning this was the one below normal aspect of November 2000.

Looking at wind direction the most common directions were east and NW both recorded on 17% of the days.  Historically West and West North West winds have been common in November.  However neither direction was observed in November 2000.


Farr 40 Admirals Cup Trials

Miami Florida saw 26 Farr 40's take to the course.  They were from 9 nations, with 8 of them competing for the Farr 40 slot on the US Admirals Cup team.

They received fine sailing breezes of 17-23 knots from the NE. 

Past world champion Barking mad won race 1.  2nd was Cavallino, 3rd Pegasus. 

Race 2 was 5 legs to race 1's 4 legs.  Diana bounced back from a 16th to finish 1st, with Twisted 2nd and Phoenix 3rd.

The top 3 for the regatta are all boats trying for the Admirals Cup:

1. Barking Mad 1 4 (5)
2.  Twisted 4 2 (6)
3.  Pegasus 3 7 (10)

The weekend will see 3 inshore races on Saturday and then 2 on Sunday.  The concluding event of the regatta will be a 30 hour distance race starting Sunday.




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