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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 2000 Issue #

By Ike Stephenson


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West Michigan Regatta Day 1

The first day of the 71st annual West Michigan Yachting Association regatta saw a total of 102 boats take to the race course.  This does not include the Butterfly class which did not race.

Conditions were tough with winds up into the mid 20's.  These conditions caused at least one E scow to turtle.

Top performers of the day were Ron Schloemer in the M 20 class and Brett Hatton in the C Scow class.  Both skippers won 2 races.

The MC's, Lasers, and E Scows each sailed one race.

More racing is scheduled for today.  Winds should be lighter.  Torresen Sailing Site will provide photos and results.


Kenwood Cup Winner

The International Jury has heard all protests and redress requests.  The bottom line result was as expected: New Zealand retains the Kenwood Cup.

New Zealand's Big Apple 3 was granted a time credit of 2 hours 38 minutes and 59 seconds.  This was time spent standing by the USA's Cha Ching which had dismasted.  This put Big Apple 3 1st equal on corrected time.

Australia's Smile was granted a 1 hour 45 minute credit.  The difference in the times awarded is due to the fact that Big Apple 3 was farther ahead and therefore spent more time sailing back to Cha Chings position.

A last ditch protest by the Australian Fruit Machine was disallowed.  Fruit Machine wanted the Moloakai race  scored to take into account the wind driven surface currents, aka fetch.  Since these currents are largely undocumented and vary by the day the protest was disallowed.

In the final standings New Zealand totaled 535 to Australia's 521.  

Australia's Smile was the top scoring individual boat.  The USA's Esmeralda won the last 5 races, but was unable to overcome an 18th in race 1.

Quebec- St. Malo Transat Winner

As often happens in offshore racing, after thousands of miles the race was decided in sight of the finish.  The winner was not the leader for most of the race.

Groupama made the best of the light airs in the English Channel and finished first in a time of 9 days 23 hours and 16 minutes.  Only 10 minutes back was Biscuits La Trinitaine which at one point had a 283 mile lead.

3rd was Bayer En France another 17 minutes back.  

4th was Foncia another 9 minutes out and 26 minutes later Belgacomm.

Winning skipper Franck Cammas commented on the tough lite air racing the last nite: "The wind was changing a lot and we were all criss crossing each other. We were all wondering if the first boat would end up last this morning!" 

Marc Guillemot described how 'Biscuits' lead went away: "We lost everything we’d achieved before but the others arrived with fresh wind and we just had to start again with them and get on with waging war at the helm."  Still Guillemot is able to be positive: "First place wouldn’t have been bad, but two second place finishes in the two transats is a feat considering one was solo and the other crewed."

Once again top professional sailors have sailed 1000's of miles only to finish as if they were in a day race.


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