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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 7 August 2000 Issue # 238

By Ike Stephenson


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Milwaukee Grand Prix

Over the weekend Milwaukee Yacht Club hosted the Dain Rauscher Milwaukee Grand Prix.  4 races were sailed with the competition mainly in 8 one design divisions.

The Farr 40 One Design class saw a boat other than Voodoo win a Great Lakes event for the first time this season.  1st was Defiant with 2 race wins and 9 points.  Hot Lips was 2nd with a win in race 3 and 12 points.  Voodoo was 3rd winning the final race and ending with 13 points.

The J35 class was won by Bill Newman's Aftershock with win's in 3 of 4 races.

Another winner with 3 out of 4 bullets was Laurie Delfosse's Diamond Broach in the J 24 class.

The 4 boat Sydney 38 fleet saw Eagle win 3 of 4 races and finish 1st.

PHRF 1 was won by the Nelson Marek 43 Bulleseye by 4 points over the J 145 Main Street.

Complete results available at the official race web site.

Did you compete at the Milwaukee Grand Prix?  Give us your impressions in the Sailing Daily Forum.

Kenwood Cup: One race to go

The weekend saw the Kenwood Cup racers sail 4 races.  Two triangles and two windward leewards.  It was a weekend of close competition, although a bit hard on the Farr 40's.

Saturday saw winds in the 20's.  The heavier air seemed to suit New Zealand as they put together a score line of 2,3,4 in the days first race.  Combined with a 2,4,5 in the second race and New Zealand had taken the Kenwood Cup team lead from Australia by 4 points.  For they day they were 14 points superior to Australia.

The USA Red team's 50 footer Esmeralda won both races.  However, one of the teams Farr 40's Orion was damaged.  Orion approached the weather mark on port and had contact with two boats.  Orion missed the days second race.

Sunday saw the wind down to the mid teens range.  This seemed to suit Australia's pair of Beneteau 40.7's.  Smile posted a pair of 2nd's, Fruit Machine a pair of 3rd's.  For the day Australia was 7 points better than New Zealand.  At day's end Australia was back in the lead, by 3 points.

Again Esmeralda won both races.  Also, as on Saturday a Farr 40 sustained damage.  This time Zamboni was t-boned by the port tacking Sydney 41 Glama.  Zamboni received a hole in topsides and deck, and looks out of action for the rest of racing.

The only race remaining the is triple scoring 148 mile Molokai Race.  The fleet will sail from Oahu along the coast of Molokai and return.

For the Australian and New Zealand teams this race will be decisive.  If all three New Zealand boats can beat their Australian opponents the Kenwood Cup stays with New Zealand.  If Australia is one place better per boat, the Kenwood Cup goes to them.

Make your Kenwood Cup prediction in the Sailing Daily Forum.

Quebec-St. Malo Transat

Biscuits La Trinitaine has maintained the lead the 60 foot trimaran gained by dint of superior reading of the wind. At last report 'Biscuits' was 140 miles ahead of second place Groupama.

However, the race is not yet won.  The 2nd through 4th place boats are in a tight pack and moving along at speeds between 25.3 and 26.9 knots.  According to Yvann Bourgnon on 3rd place Bayer En France, "Itıs just record conditions out here, with 25 knot winds to carry us directly to the Fastnet."  Of the experience of such fast sailing (560 miles in 24 hours, 594 for Groupama) Yvan says, "Each of us savours the moment in his own way. My war-cry from the helm when we hit 30 knots sends some kind of electricity through all our bodies and redoubles our energy to charge forward again. Just awesome! We are so lucky to do this job!"

The discrepancy in speeds show that 'Biscuits' is nearing lighter air expected around Fastnet Rock.  There's a high pressure to the south west of Britain, right where the trimarans will be.  Reported wind near 'Biscuits' is from 2 to 14 knots generally west of south.  Light air will plague to lead boat to the finish in St. Malo.  To keep wind, hugging the British coast may be necessary.

'Biscuits' has 500 miles to the finish.  Even with a 100 mile plus lead, the speculation of Groupama's Marcel Van Triest will likely come true, "In any case they won't end up with a 300 mile lead at the end and so we're just going for it and keeping in with our little group."



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