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Sailing North East West South

Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 3 August 2000 Issue # 236

By Ike Stephenson


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Today we are pleased to announce a new addition- The Sailing Daily Newspage Forum.  

This is an area where Sailing Daily readers can discuss the news presented in Sailing Daily.  It'll be a great place to contribute your comments and opinions on stories.  You'll be able to suggest topics you'd like to see in Sailing Daily.  Have a question that Sailing Daily didn't answer?  Post it in the forum and get it answered!

Kenwood Cup

After a day of lite air sailing, the Kenwood Cup was treated to class Hawaiian sailing.  This means 20 knots trade winds and big rolling waves.

The first race of the day was a triangle course.  Defending champions New Zealand were the team of the race.  New Zealand's Sea Hawk was 1st, Big Apple III 2nd and Air New Zealand High 5 4th.  This performance gave them 50 points, 13 more than the next best team Australia.  The USA Red team scored the 3rd most team points led by Esmeralda in 3rd.

The second race of the day was windward/leeward in format.  This race saw the Australian team's Beneteau 40.7's finish 1st and 2nd as they did in the 1st race of the series.  Along with Yendy's 7th this made Australia the top scoring team in the race.  New Zealand was again strong with their boats taking places 4th through 6.  Esmeralda was again the strongest US boat.  They finished 3rd less than a minute from 1st place.

Today will see the first of the series offshore races.  The 55 mile race along the coast of Oahu is the shorter of the two offshore races.  Conditions should be mighty fine with easterly winds of 15-20 knots forecast making for a fast race.

Which team do you think will win?  Are you disappointed in the US performance?  Comment in the Sailing Daily Forum

Qubec-St Malo Transat

The 60 foot trimaran fleet has sailed into the Atlantic Ocean.  Currently sailing the Grand Banks, Groupamma holds the lead.  Upon reaching the open ocean skipper Frank Cammas commented: "We are now into offshore racing mode, as until now itıs been more like the Tour Voile!"  51 miles back is Biscuits La Trinitaine.  3rd is Bayer En France another 7 miles back.

Bayner En France shows a speed of 10 knots while Biscuits is at 3.4 and Groupamma 5.3 knots.  Groupama is carrying a course north of east, whole the other pair are steering south of east.  Forecast winds in their area are SW 15-20 knots.  

Current weather reported by ships shows winds of 10 knots ranging from southerly to northwesterly.  An observation 174 miles to the east shows NW winds at 25 knots.  To the northwest 6 knots winds from 150°.

From those observations expect 'Biscuits' and Bayer En France to gain.

Fila with skipper Giovanni Soldini leads the monohull fleet.  Fila is near Cape race which means the Atlantic Ocean.  Giovanni Soldini reports good onboard vibes,"The atmosphere on the boat is good - we would have been playing golf if we wanted to get depressed!" 2nd is GEB-Fauba an earlier Finot Open 60 skippered by Xavier Lecoeur.

Check Sailing Daily tomorrow to see how the standings respond to Atlantic Ocean sailing.

With mostly French and Italian sailors entered, what is your level of interest in the Quebec-St Malo transat?  Let us know in the Sailing Daily Forum.


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