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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

1 August 2000 Issue # 235

By Ike Stephenson


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July in Muskegon

The climatological image of July in West Michigan, is the very essence of summer.  Warm, sunny, let's head to the beaches.  

This July in Muskegon was warm, but not as warm as expected.  For the month temperatures were 2 below the norm.  The last 14 days of the month posted below normal temperatures.  

The high for the month came near the end of the month- 86 on the 27th.  The month's low was 45 on Thursday the 20th.  That morning I arrived in Muskegon via boat, I can vouch for that thermometer reading.

Along with the cooler than expected temperatures came above normal rain.  2.86 inches of wet stuff fell compared to the norm of 2.1.  Saturday the 8th with .72 inches, and Sunday the 30th with .92 inches were the month's premier drenchers.

Compared to May and June, Muskegon was not a windy month.  July's average wind speed was 7.5, compared to 9.6 in May and 9.8 in June.  The windiest day was the 1st at 12.2 knots.  The least windy day was Monday the 24th, at 3.5 knots.  This lack of wind was lake wide and kept the Chicago Mackinac fleet at a slow pace.

Dir. + Norm = - Norm Total
North 3 1 4 8
East 2   2 4
West 1   6 7
South 5   7 12

Note the lack of warm days with a west wind.  In june there were 9 days with west wind and none were above normal.  Typically the west winds are often warm, but certainly not recently.

So, at least this July Muskegon was cooler and rainier than normal with less wind for sailing.  Boo Hiss!!!

Kenwood Cup Preview

Kenwood Cup 2000 is an international offshore series comprised of 10 individual races.  It also a competition for 3 boat teams representing their country.

The 2000 Kenwood Cup hopes to get racing officially underway today.  Monday practice races were cancelled due to lack of wind.  With Tropical Storm Daniel in the area racing today is not a sure thing.   However, with Honolulu showing only 7 knots of wind @ 0230, and no active storm advisories Honolulu should be spared a pasting.  The wind outlook is variable winds of 15-25 knots indicating some exciting racing if the fleet gets started.

Today is supposed to be the first of 2 days of buoy racing.  A triangle and a windward/leeward will be sailed each day.

Thursday will see the first offshore race of 55 miles.  Points will be multiplied by 2 for this one.

After a day off on Friday it's 2 more days of around the buoys again with a triangle and a windward/leeward each day.

Monday is the day for the 150 mile Molokai race, with a points multiplier of 3.

Once racing does begin the New Zealand team will look to defend their 1998 title.  New Zealand's team consists of:  Air NZ High 5 a Farr 47, Big Apple 3 a Farr 45 and Sea Hawk a Farr 47.  Current and ex Team New Zealand members are all over the boats.  Team NZ skipper Dean Barker will be at Big Apple 3's wheel.

Australia has a team composed of a pair of Beneateau 40.7's and Yendy's a Farr 49.

The USA had 2 teams entered.  The White team has a pair of Sydney 41's and Zomboni a Farr 40.

The USA Red team is Esmaralada a Farr 50 filled with world classers such as Ken Read and Warrick Fluery, plus the Farr 40's Orion and Samba Pa Ti.

Scoring will be on a high point basis, ie a winner in a 10 boat fleet gets 10 points, 2nd 9 points and so on.  There should be numerous interesting individual and team contests.


Quebec Transat

The St. Lawrence river is proving quite windless.  Even the 60 foot tris are moving slowly.  

Leading is Groupama with Biscuits La Trinitaine 7 miles back and Bayer en France a further 15 to the rear.



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