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Published Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  10 April 2000

Issue # 178

By Ike Stephenson


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North/Sobstad Update

Judge Squatrito has lifted an injunction that prohibited North Sails from producing 3DL sails.  North will be allowed to continue production during the appeals process.  This process could take up to a year.

Olympic Trials:  2 days of racing down

After 2 days of racing and 4 races 2 of the Olympic Class trials are close, while two are seeing a dominant sailor develop.

All 4 classes are sailing on San Francisco Bay.  Conditions for the next two das are expected to be: NW winds 10-20 knots.

Olympic Sailing:  Europe Trials Dey 4 for 4

After 4 races past Europe class Olympian Courtney Dey has won all 4 races. With 4 points she leads 2nd place Krysia Pohl by 14 points.  3rd is LINDA WENNERSTROM with 24 points.

Of the favorites mentioned in our class preview Hannah Swett is 5th with a top finish of 5th in race 3.  Meg Galliard had 3 top 5 finishes plus a DSQ which she will be able to discard.  Amanda Clark is 10th with a 2nd and a 3rd, but also an OCS and a 10th.

Dey's lead is substantial but 12 races remain.

Olympic Sailing: Finn Trials Silvestri 3 Wins out of 4

The single-handed Finn class has also completed 4 races.  Conditions have been 15 knots and under.

One of the pre race favorites Russ Silvestri won race 1-3 and was 2nd in the 4th.  His 5 points put him 8 points ahead of Darrel Peck the race 4 winner.  3rd is Eric Herrmann with 14 points.  These 3 were regarded as top contenders.

Close behind Herrman is Geoff Ewerson with 17 points including a 2nd in race 3.  Mo Hart is 4th with 19 points and a 3rd in race 4.

Silvestri has a good lead and looks strong.  However, there appear to be several other sailors that can challenge him over the next 12 races.

Olympic Sailing: Laser Trials Mendenblatt 2 wins

The Laser fleet is also being led by many of the sailors tipped as pre regatta contenders.  However, the standings are a bit misleading.

Brett Davis is currently 1st with 15 points including a pair of 2nds.  2nd is John Myrdal with 16 points including a 2nd in race 4.  3rd is John Torgeson with 17 points including a victory in race 3.

However, this is a 16 race series and discard races will enter the picture tomorrow.  This situation will aid Mark Mendenblatt who is currently 7th while counting his OCS in race 1.  His other scores are 1,3 and1.  He should shoot up with good finishes in today's races.

The top 7 boats have 11 of the 12 podium finishes in the regatta.  With this many strong boats the regatta should see close standings for the next 12 races.

Olympic Sailing: Star Trials Discards will alter standings

As with the other classes the Stars have sailed four races.  Unlike the other classes the Star is a two person boat.

Strongest so far are past Olympians Mark Reynolds and Magnus Liljerdhal with 2 wins and a second.  There point score total is 4.  2nd are George Szabo and Rick Peters with a best of 2nd in race 4 and 9 points.  3rd is Joe Londrigan and Mark Strube with 15 points including a race 1 victory.  Next are Vince Brun and Mike Dorgan with a pair of seconds and also 15 points.  

The next pack is led by John Macausland and Phil Trinter with 20 points including a race 4 3rd.  6th is Peter Vesella and Brian Fatih with 27 points. 7th is one of the regatta favorites the team of Eric Doyle and Tom Olsen with 29 points.  Most of these come from a race 4 17th.  Doyle and Olsen did win race 2.

As with the Laser class, when the teams start discarding their worst placings the standings will change.  Reynolds and Liljerdahl are strong and experienced, but Brun, Szabo and Doyle each have 2 podium finishes indicating they have the speed to overtake the lead in the next 12 races.



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