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 4 April 2000

Issue # 175

By Ike Stephenson


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US Olympic Trials Preview: Europe and Finn Single Handed Classes

San Francisco Yacht Club will host the Europe class trials, April 6-16.  The Racing will begin the 8th and continue to the 11th.  The 12th will be a lay day with more racing the 13th to the 16th.

Currently 18 boats are entered.  The Europe is a dinghy sailed by one female sailor.  The Europe weights 99 LBS.

Among the possible top competitors are Amanda Clark who was the USA's top finisher at the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta, Courtenay Becker Dey a post Olympian in the Europe, Hannah Swett successful in match racing, and Meg Galliard the USA's representative at the Sydney pre Olympic regatta.

The Finn class will sail on the same schedule as the Europe class.  Hosting the Finns is the Richmond Yacht Club.

The Finn is a single handed class for men.  Top contenders are: Mark Herrman winner of the Class North American title, Darrel Peck Olympic pre trials winner and Russ Silvestri the silver medallist in the Finn class at the Pan American games.

The USA must still qualify for a berth in the Olympic fleet.  This goal will need to be ticked off during the Gold Cup in June.



March's weather in Muskegon

With snow and sleet falling today, we look back at the weather in Muskegon in March.

The average temperature was 41.3 was 4 above normal.  This continued a winter of warmer than normal weather.  

Warmest day of the month was Wednesday the 8th with a high of 73.  Coldest temp was Sunday the 12th's low of 15

Precipitation was 1.08 inches well below the 2.51 inch norm.  Snow fall was .2 inches, far below the normal 12.3 inches.

Again a warm and dry month not favorable to helping lake levels rise.  Current data shows Lake Michigan down 18 inches from March of 99.  Projections show a 2 inch gain during April.

The average wind speed was 9.6 knots.  Windiest day was 16.5 knots on the 8th.  Last windy day was 3.7 knots on the 3rd.

Direction + - Total
North 5 2 7
East 2 1 3
West 3 2 5
South 14 2 16

As the above table shows the warm weather was often accompanied by Southerly winds.  Even normally cool North winds produced above normal temperatures on 5 of the 7 days they blew.

Kingfisher at Cape Horn

Ellen Macarthur plus a crew of 3 have completed a 2 week passage to Cape Horn from New Zealand.  Now Ellen will sail Kingfisher solo to England.

About the 35 to 40 day solo voyage to England, Macarthur says, "Now its time for the big solo bit. between here and Europe. I expect to face a much greater variety of conditions that I have so far - bashing upwind, trade winds and the doldrums."

Paul Larsen on Duty

Paul Larsen is the Australian born portion of Team Philips crew.  Currently with the damaged catamaran tied at Dart Marina, Dartmouth England Larsen is living aboard.  He's on 24 hour call to make sure that the wing masts don't sail the boat into damage.

First estimates on repair time say 3 months.  First idea on what caused the breakage is not a fault in the lamination, but rather that the area was overstressed.  This means the failure was likely due to being built too lite.



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