Sailing Information from the Great Lakes and Around the World from the Torresen Sailing SiteSailing Information from the Great Lakes and Around the World from the Torresen Sailing SiteSailing Information from the Great Lakes and Around the World from the Torresen Sailing SiteSailing Information from the Great Lakes and Around the World from the Torresen Sailing SiteSailing Information from the Great Lakes and Around the World from the Torresen Sailing Site


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July 29

Sailing Speed Records News and a contest

Today will be the final edition of Sailing Daily for the month of July.  Read on to find out about a special
contest relating to the July issues of Sailing Daily.

To close out the month we present a compendium of new sailing speed records that have been
set in recent times.  The first six records are ones that the World Speed Sailing Record Council
sent to Sailing Daily in response to our query.  All records that follow are ones that Torresen Sailing
Site has noted as being broken.

In perusing these records you will note that Chicago based sailor Steve Fossett has broken multiple
records.  In the course of this record breaking, Fossett has sailed 3 different boats (the catamaran's
Stars and Stripes and Play Station and the trimaran Lakota) both single handed and with crew.

Also, you will note that the name Pyewacket shows up twice.  Be advised that the Pyewacket that
recently set the mono hull record for the Transpac is a newly constructed Reichel Pugh 75, while
the Pyewacket that broke the Annapolis-Newport is a  modified Santa Cruz 70.   One is currently
owned by Roy Disney the Santa Cruz 70 is now George Collin's boat.

Finally the Open 60's of the Around Alone fleet managed 3 records.  On Leg 1 Mike Golding set
a new Leg 1 record in Group 4.  Later in the race Marc Thiercelin set a new 24 hour singlehanded
monohull record and race winner Giovanni Soldini set a new race record.

Now for the contest.  You can do enter one of two ways.  One, you can e-mail Sailing Daily with
your opinion on which of the listed records is most significant.  Two, you can e-mail Sailing Daily
and let us know of any new records we have missed.  Three, you can review the July editions
of Sailing Daily and let us know which one was the best and why.  Hopefully knowledge of what
we do best will allow us to improve the quality of Sailing Daily.  All submissions will be entered
in a random drawing.  The winner drawn will receive their choice of a T-shirt or a
Torresen Marine hat (please specify in your e-mail).



World Sailing Speed Record Concil Records

WORLD RECORD:  Yokohama to San Francisco
Yacht: Commodore Explorer.
Name: Bruno Peyron
Dates: 2nd August 1998 to 16th August 1998
Start time: 15h 23m 50s (JST) - 6h 23m 50s (GMT)
Finish time: 16h 46m 40s (PDT) - 23h 46m 40s (GMT)
Elapsed time: 14d 17h 22m 50s
WORLD RECORD.Transatlantic. Monohull. Any number of crew. 
Yacht:  MariCha 111
Sailed by: Robert W Miller and a crew of 20
Dates:  15th October to 24th October 1998
Elapsed Time:  8days 23hours 59minutes 17seconds.
WORLD RECORD. Dakar to Guadeloupe. Outright record. Any type of vessel, any number of crew.
Yacht: 19ft Catamaran "Simac"
Sailed by: Hans Bouscholte and Gerard Navarin
Dates: 22nd January to 6th February 1999 
Elapsed Time: 15days 2hours 26minutes 58seconds
WORLD RECORD 24 Hour Outright 
Yacht: Playstation.
Sailed by: Steve Fossett and a crew of 6.
Dates: 26th/27th March.
Distance sailed: 580.23 nautical miles.
WORLD RECORD: Miami to New York.
Yacht: Explorer 
Name:  Cam Lewis. Bruno Peyron.
Dates: 30th May/2nd June 1999. 
Elapsed time: 2d 22h 50m 16s
WORLD RECORD.  Newport to Bermuda. Any type of vessel. Singlehanded.
Yacht: Lakota.
Sailed by: Steve Fossett
Dates: June 2nd to June 4th 1999.
Elapsed Time: 1day 16hours 52minutes 24seconds.


Records Noted by Torresen Sailing Site

WORLD RECORD. TransPacific Los Angeles- Honolulu, monohull
Yacht: Pyewacket.
Sailed by: Roy Disney
Dates: July 3rd to July 10th 1999.
Elapsed Time: 7 days 11hours 41minutes 27seconds.
WORLD RECORD.  San Francisco-Hawaii (Singlehanded Transpac) single handed any type
Yacht: Lakota.
Sailed by: Steve Fossett
Dates: June 1998
Elapsed Time: 7day 22hours 38minutes 24seconds.
WORLD RECORD.  Fort Lauderdale- Montego Bay (Montego Bay, Jamaica Race) Any 
Yacht: Lakota.
Sailed by: Steve Fossett
Dates: February 1999
Elapsed Time: 2day 20hours 8minutes 5seconds.
WORLD RECORD. Annapolis-Newport, RI crewed monohull
Yacht: Chessie Racing.
Sailed by: George Collins
Dates: June 1999
Elapsed Time: 1day 23hours 45minutes -seconds.
WORLD RECORD.  Charleston-Cape Town (Around Alone Leg 1) Singlehanded Monohull
Yacht: Group 4.
Sailed by: Mike Golding
Dates: September/October 1998
Elapsed Time: 34days 18hours 54minutes 44seconds.
WORLD RECORD.  Falmouth-Charleston Singlehanded Monohull
Yacht: Fila.
Sailed by: Giovanni Soldini
Dates: July 1998
Elapsed Time: 21days 17hours 7minutes 20seconds.
WORLD RECORD 24 Hour monohull, singlehanded
Yacht: Somewhere.
Sailed by: Marc Thiercelin
Dates: February 11 1999
Distance sailed: 392.3 nautical miles.
WORLD RECORD St. Malo-Guadeloupe (Route de Rhum) 
Yacht: Primagaz
Sailed by: Laurent Bourgnon
Dates: November 1998
Elapsed Time: 12days 8hours 41minutes 6seconds.
WORLD RECORD Chicago- Mackinac Outright
Yacht: Stars and Stripes
Sailed by: Steve Fosset + Crew
Dates: July 1998
Elapsed Time: days 18hours 50minutes 15seconds.
WORLD RECORD Round the World, 4 Stops Charleston SC to Charleston SC (Around Alone)
Yacht: Fila
Sailed by: Giovanni Soldini 
Dates: September 1998- May 1999
Elapsed Time: 116 days 20 hours 7minutes 59seconds.