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Roaring into Boston

June 17, 2004
Wells Fargo – American Pioneer update
Latest Position – Boston
Distance to Finish – 0 nautical miles

Roaring into Boston

He finished just as he started – roaring. After a frustrating few days where he saw his closest rival Kip Stone sail away from him to win the Monohull 50 class, Joe Harris finally picked up the breeze and came charging into Boston at full speed. “The southerly kicked in with more wind than forecast and the boat just took off,” Joe said on arrival. “We were suddenly doing 16 knots and my ETA went from early Thursday morning to late Wednesday evening.” At 23:20 local time he crossed the finish line off Deer Island and slipped quietly into Boston Harbor. A small crowd of media, friends and fans were on hand to make the welcome truly memorable.

Joe was quick to congratulate fellow Americans Kip Stone and Rich Wilson who were both on hand for the arrival. “We have reinvigorated solo sailing,” Joe said. “Brad Van Liew won the Around Alone on this boat and he passed the torch to us. Now we have proved that single-handed sailing can be exhilarating to be a part of and exciting for the public to follow.” That sentiment was endorsed by those on the dock who found that the Transat website was becoming an addiction.

There will be a joint press conference at the pavilion at Rowes Wharf with Joe, Kip Stone and Rich Wilson at 14:00 Thursday. It’s open to the public so please show up and cheer these great solo sailors.


Joe Harris dockside in Bosston

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