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July Weather Report

Make the statement that something is normal, and you’ll often get asked, oh yah well what is really normal. Well, for one thing, temperatures in Muskegon in July 2003 were as normal and as average as can be. The monthly average of 69.9 degrees was the same as the historical monthly average!

The high temperature of 89 came on the 4th during one of the summers peak celebrations. The low came later in the month-50 degrees on the 19th.

Precipitation in July was not normal, but rather above normal as 3.37
inches of rain feel over an inch above the norm. Muskegon has 12 days
of measurable rain in July. The rainiest day was the 22nd when .88 inches of rain fell.

Wind-wise Muskegon also has an above average July. The average wind was 8.0 knots, .3 above the norm. The windiest day was the 26th with an average of 18.3 knots. This gave the Melges 24′s sailing on Muskegon Lake an extra notch of adrenalin and fun.

The end results of the months windiest day The least windy was the just a few days later when only 3.0 knots were recorded on average.

Although it was a rainy month, the rains were quick and did not bring clouds. 20 days were recorded as clear, with 9 as partly cloudy and only 2 as cloudy.

The 0 degree from norm temperatures marks the first time temperatures have not been below normal. This also means that through 7 months Muskegon has yet to have a month with plus norm temperatures. Year to date Muskegon temperatures are -.96 from norm.

The past few August’s have seen above normal temperatures ranging from .3 to 1.8 degrees above norm. The monthly high has been just under 90 with lows right around 50 degrees. August is typically a Rainier month than July. For instance on August 1st 2002 1.58 inches of rain fell. Winds are much the same as July with averages around knots.

A notable recent exception was 9 August 2001, when the monthly peak wind 13.2 knots occurred.. Coincidentally this was also the day most of 20 visiting tall ships had to back into slips at Heritage Landing! The Tall Ships will once again visit Muskegon in August of 2003 from the 8th to the 10th.

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