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Book Scout Look Out: Bibblecomb Held Prisoner

Author James L. Nelson reports, “Speaking of Biddlecomb, he continues to be held captive in the dank dungeons of Simon & Schuster. S&S does not seem interested in publishing more, but neither do they want to put them out of print, and until we can get the backlist we are not able to take the series elsewhere. So for all the readers who have asked if there will be more Isaac Biddlecomb books, the answer is, we sure hope so, and have every intention of getting him through the Revolution (we are as curious as anyone as to who wins the war) but for the immediate future Isaac in incommunicado.”

This is bad news for naval fiction fans. In my opinion (& not just becuase my nameis also Isaac) Nelson’s Revolution at Sea Series featuring Biddlecomb is one the finest run of historical novels ever. Superior to the better known but overated O’brien novels.

Nelson continues to write, working on the Civil War . I reccomend that work. Also, keep Biddlecomb’s morale up by reading about him in titles like All the Brave Fellows.

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