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New James L. Nelson Book

James L. Nelsonís latest book – and his first work of non-fiction, Reign of Iron is now available. Reign of Iron is the story of the conception, building, and battle of the ironclads Monitor and Merrimack (or Virginia as she was known in the Confederacy).

Reign of Iron is the most detailed account yet written of these ships, but the story is told with the pacing and entertaining qualities of a novel. So far, the reviews have been quite good:

Richly detailed and colorfully written, Reign of Iron is a pleasure to read and the most complete study of the subject in years.

Civil War Times Illustrated

Nelson, author of the Revolution at Sea series of age-of-sail adventure novels, knows how to narrate a naval crisis. The resulting blend of skillful storytelling and historical detail will please Civil War and naval engineering buffs alike.

Publisherís Weekly

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