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Peyron Comments & Makes Plans

Just a few days away from relaunching his maxi-catamaran Orange II (after four weeks of work on her), Bruno Peyron offers his congratulations to Geronimo on her arrival after a difficult trip. The Jules Verne Trophy record has been broken, but the absolute circumnavigation record (58 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds) still holds. Bruno Peyron explains, ” We now have a clearly defined task ahead of us for the winter of 2004-2005: that is winning back the Jules Verne Trophy and trying to beat the absolute WSSRC record. The whole of the Orange II team is up for it and the countdown has already begun. Before that happens, I challenge the skippers and owners of Giant Cats this Summer to enter into a truly honourable fight, where fair play is the rule!

A new challenge has been launched…

“One of the lessons that has been learnt from Geronimo’s difficult trip is certainly the deep frustration caused by attempting a record attempt in very different weather conditions from her virtual competitors, which clearly does not allow for a fair fight. The only way to eliminate this element of chance is to agree to a direct confrontation and therefore to accept a truly competitive race. I’m thus taking advantage of the finish of the circumnavigation by the latest Giant to throw down the gauntlet to all the G-Class boats, on the date of their choice and on the route they decide on, between the First of June and the 15th of August in Northern Europe or between the First and 30th of September in the Mediterranean. I hope that the first to accept this challenge will be one of the two fastest “Giants” in the world, so that this duel will live up to the high ambitions of these exceptional craft

From the Maxi to the Mini…

Moving away from news about the Orange II giant cat, 28 years after the first Mini transatlantic race, of which he was one of the pioneers, Bruno Peyron will set sail from Pornichet tomorrow morning for the Select 6.50 event, which marks the start of the 2004 Mini season. Named “Mini Explorer”, the Pogo 2 boat will raise her Orange sails, tipping her hat to her elder sister, in the middle of a flotilla of 70 boats, all itching to start.

The aim, which has finally been admitted today, after being kept secret for several months, is now clear. Bruno Peyron intends to line up for the start of the 2007 Mini Transatlantic Race, which will mark the 30th anniversary of the event. “In 1975, I designed my first prototype for the 1977 Mini Transatlantic Race. Almost thirty years on, I still find the utmost pleasure in rediscovering the values, which lead you to love the sea. It’s still a good idea from time to time to test oneself out again in various categories and so I’m taking my leave from Orange II just for a weekend and I can’t hide the joy I find in doing this!”

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