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2003 Race Report

245 Michigan Time (145 race time) Alchemy ghosted across the finish line of the 2003 Chicago Mac race, earning the prestigious right of top line honors. Twelve hours shy of breaking any race records, the big red boat finished a mere 30 minutes after they had passed under the bridge. Moving on glassy waters, Alchemy proved their combination of mast height and sail area perfect to catch even the faintest hint of breeze.

Bill Alcott’s new Equation called in from the bridge within 10 minutes of Alchemy’s finish, making up nearly five hours of time between the 45th parallel and the bridge. They also caught Rosebud by the bridge, but only by the 4 minute margin that Rosebud had held at the previous call in. Three hundred thirty three miles, and still within sight of each other.

2nd to finish was another California boat Rosebud @ 0254, followed by Bill Alcott’s turbo sled Equation in it’s first great lakes outing @ 0258.

The next bridge call was from Holua at approximately 304.

The distinction of first to finish also earned Alchemy the right of being first to be inspected. Upon docking they get to have their gear scrutinized and audited – at three in the morning – after sailing for a day an a half.

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