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Looking Forward to Racing

My little console. Pole out. Pole in. Those were black and yellow.
Tack line which is white. Don’t adjust the tack line.

Think. Then the halyard. Cleat on mast. Mystery caribener hanging from
boom. Don’t use that when hoisting. Found that out on 1st race set.

Laps and cycles. You are within site of land. Around people, and boats.
A powerboat comes through. We suffer as we pound chop. Then our light
weight boat benefits from a following wake. We surft our way upwind.

Out pole. Kite comes out of bag. Pull tack line out. Hoist. Pull
fast. Explosive strength I guess. Better to take short pulls, or long
hand fulls? Balance upset by bouncing boat.

Ready for the take down. Blow pole. Smoke tack line. Wait for kite
to get to windward of boat. OK it’s being blown back. Wait for it.
OK, smoke the halyard and hit the rail.

Skipper not afraid to do a port approach. Not afraid to be on the line.
Commit and go for it.

Up wind,downwind. Gybes and tacks. 2 lengths ahead from the start.

Tack from hike to sort of sitting on side deck. Single lifeline, didn’t
see others wearing flotation. Scramble across the cockput. Not used
to bear feet. Yes, sandals would work. Hope the new windward side. Hike.

Scan and breath look for breeze. Are boats to right in more pressure
or are they just tender boats? Water shows breeze?

Eerie sunset ride home with spinnaker on a plane.

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