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June Weather Report

As 2003 passes the half way mark Muskegon has yet to experience a month with above normal temperatures. The years sixth month, June, saw temperatures end the month 1 degree below normal. This is near the year to date average of -1.12 degrees.

The month began with a cold streak with the 1st 11 days having below normal temperatures. On the 2nd the monthly low of 35 degrees occurred and I wrote, “Summer in Michigan has been cancelled in favor of more freezing temperatures.” The monthly high came much later on the 25th when 90 degrees was recorded.

Along with the cool temperatures came a rain deficit. Only .99 inches of rain was received. This is 1.59 inches below normal. Almost half of that rain came on the 26th when .43 inches fell. The lack of rain is highlighted by the period from the 11th to the 25th when no measurable precipitation fell. During this period there was a full moon morning, a nice sunrise, a still clear morning, an orange sun ball 2/3rds over the horizon, and a sliver moon in a blue sky, but no rain.

This lack of rain has put West Michigan into the abnormally dry category. However, conditions are not yet categorized as a drought.

There was some good weather news in the form of clear skies. 18 days were recorded as clear with 11 falling under partly cloudy. A lone day was categorized as cloudy.

Wind-wise Muskegon showed an average of 7.8 knots. This was .3 knots below normal. Windiest day was 14.8 knots on the 25th the day of the Tripp Cup from Muskegon to Milwaukee. The 21st with only 4.5 knots of wind gets this months sailors nightmare award!

Muskegon has had half a year straight of below normal temperatures. If that trend breaks in July expect to see some of the years hottest weather.

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