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February Weather Report

The second month of 2003 in Muskegon was almost uniformly below normal. Temperature, precipitation, and snow were all below normal. The sole above normal indicator was average wind speed.

For the second straight month Muskegon had below normal temperatures, measuring -2.9 degrees at the end of the 28 day month. Month to date temperatures are 2 below normal. At the same time in 2002 they were 8 degrees above norms!

The high reading came on the 21st at 43. A week earlier 4 was recorded on the 14th and 16th.

Only .16 inches of rain fell in February. This is 1.42 inches below normal and made February 2003 the driest February in Muskegon meteorological history. The 3rd with a meagre rain amount of .07 inches was the months top rain day.

14.5 inches of snow fell which was 3.8 inches below normal. The 11th was the snowiest day with 4 inches falling.

The winds were above normal for February at 11.4 knots, 1.4 knots above norm. The peak day for wind was the 4th with 18.9 knots measured as average. The months final day was calmest with only 2.6 knots measured as average.

Muskegon lived up to it’s cloudy in the winter reputation. 15 days were called cloudy with another 6 partly cloudy. Still 1/4 of the days (7) were clear, perhaps a harbinger of sunglass sales to come.

The weather in Muskegon is certainly off to an unusual start. For the 1st time in the new millennium both January and February being below normal in temperature.

The past 3 months of March have shown a variety of weather. A temperature of 70 was recorded in March of 2000. Lows of 10 occurred in 2001 and 2002. This has already been exceeded as on March 3 2003 a low of -2 degrees occurred.

Snowfall has ranged from .2 inches up to 19.5 inches. Although March brings spring, there is almost certainly more winter to experience in March.

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