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January Weather Report

For the first time in 4 years January temperatures were below average in Muksegon. For the month mercury measured 1.1 degrees below normal. This after an abnormally warm 2002 January when temperatures were over 9 degrees above normal.

The high temperatures for the month was 45 on both the 8th and 9th. The month began with 9 days of above normal temperatures. Low for the month was 3 on the 15th. This low reading occurred during a stretch of 11 days of below normal temperatures.

Muskegon finally received winter like snow fall this month. 20.5 inches fell. This is still 13.1 inches below normal snow fall. Snowiest day was the 26th when 3 inches fell.

Muskegon received .37 inches of rain. On the 28th .12 inches of fell, rainiest day of the month.

Average wind speed for the month was 11.2 knots. This was .6 knots above normal. Windiest day was the 12th when the average wind was 17.7 knots while on the 3rd and 5th saw only 5.3 knots of average wind speed, lowest amount for the month.

Recently Punxsutawney Phil the infamous Groundhog saw his shadow, supposedly indicating 6 more weeks of winter weather. Whatever his predictive powers, Muskegon’s already mild winter (temps 1.1 degrees above normal) should grow milder. Normal snowfall in February is almost half of that in January., while temperatures should increase slightly. Check next month’s Muskegon weather report as we ground truth the conditions that occur.

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