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Sub 60?

A couple of weeks ago I conjectured that Cheyenne might finish her round the world voyage in under 60 days. Current projections show her around 58 days.

This sub 60 time is something I thought of prior to The Race. I projected a 59 day trip

Tim Zimmerman author of The Race thinks thata sub 60 trip might last for awhile. He suspects Orange II might make it in 55 days, but that under 50 is a big ask for current technology.

Replying to Zimmerman I asked if a boat such as Cheyenne that had fewer problems might not approach 55 days. Zimmerman said, “my guess is they lost about a day to the equator, a couple of half days for the headstay and mast track repairs, a day or more approaching Cape Horn, and maybe a day heading north back to the equator.” This equals out to 4 days, which would mean an under 55 day run. Does more durability=under 55?

I think that sub 55 is an eminent occurrence as Race Class cats become more durable.

For a time of 50 days or under I think the displacement issue has to be overcome. The maxi cats are fast, but there hulls still go through the water rather than over. Maybe Yves Parliers new seaplane inspired catamaran leads to the way to sub 50?

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